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Real. Simple. Effective.

A journal that focuses on Happiness by helping you practice 





Be Happier. Live a fuller and more purposeful life. Build confidence and find clarity. You have everything you need to live the life that you want inside of you just waiting to be unleashed. 


Why It Works





Just 7 minutes a day following your guided journal inspired by the latest techniques from holistic psychology and popular self-help books. 

You will rediscover your authentic self. Personal assessments and activities will help you develop long-lasting healthy habits and improve your day-to-day life.

Build your confidence and gain clarity. Make small changes to your routines and learn how to live a life filled with passion, joy, and peace.

Meet Your Guide

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 Happiness GROWTH Journal was created for your busy lifestyle.
You will find the right tools to help you on your journey. In 7 minutes or less you will be able to create the happiness that will help you build a better life.

Relaxing Coloring Page


Daily Gratitude Practice

Coloring can bring you into a meditative state, helping you to quiet your mind and relax.

Practicing gratitude has been linked to increasing one's happiness by helping you rewire how your brain thinks.


Happiness Bingo 


Guided Journal Prompts

Small changes to your day will make a huge impact. Our fun Happiness Bingo will help you find new activities that will boost your mood.

Themed prompts will help you create clarity on who you are and what you need to live a happier, more fulfilling life. 


Daily One Sentence Journal

Happiness comes from the small moments. Your daily one-sentence practice will help you remember that silly thing your kids did or that big win at work.


Plan Your Happiness

Call it self-care. Call it happiness habits. Plan one thing everyday that you can do to make your day better.

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