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Relative GROWTH
Gives you the tools & knowledge to



Relative Growth is about guiding you to live a happier more mindful life. 


Our journals, planners & Printables are all about helping you align your Mind, Body, Soul, and Goals.


We want to help you Discover Your Purpose so that you can stop dreaming and start living. You can DREAM & ACHIEVE BIG while still living a balanced life. 

We create products that are simple to use, effective and lasting to help you live a purposeful life. 



Rediscover Yourself

Between managing kids, work, and life you can lose sight of who you are.  It is time to take back your life: To find what makes you happy, your purpose and how to be the best version of yourself. 

Dreamers Become Achievers

You have big dreams for your life and we are here to help you achieve them. It is our mission to make products that help you stay focused on your goals while balancing your health and relationships.


We have a passion for finding new ways to grow ourselves.

To create an environment to think big and achieve incredible goals.

Hiking in Sunset
  1. Always keep GROWING & learning.

  2. To provide our users with  simple & the most effective products. 

  3. Keep it affordable.


The Secret To Getting Ahead is Getting Started



Relative GROWTH is built on the idea that you have the power to create your own reality. 

We all carry around wounds that need to be healed so that we can live our most authentic lives. My journey is no different. 

One day, I found myself completely lost. I had achieved my goals, but I was still not happy. I had grown a successful company, lived in a beautiful house, and had three amazing children, but felt like I was watching my life float by.

I actively decided to take back control of my life. I wanted to rediscover who I was, what made me happy and what mattered most to me. 


I turned to a journal, writing down my goals, values, priorities until I found what felt TRUE TO ME. I worked on cultivating healthy habits and healing my wounds.


Therapy with the right therapist is an amazing tool and helped me on my journey. We all need help from time to time and if you are open to it, I highly encourage working with a therapist to heal any wounds that are holding you back. 

During my journey, I felt overwhelmed and inspired by all the advice. Everyone seemed to have the answer to what made them happy, swearing that their method was the only method that works. That is when I realized we are all uniquely, spectacularly different. This means what worked for them may not work for me and that is ok. That is why it is so important that when I talk about happiness and purpose I want you to  keep what works for you and throw away the rest, guilt-free.


I wanted to provide people these tools and knowledge that would help them build confidence, find their purpose and live happier lives. Voila Relative GROWTH was born!


I truly believe success is achievable for everyone with focus, dedication, and persistence. It takes planning, research, trial and error. I will continue to do everything I can to give you road maps, checklists, and tools to help you on your journey. And trust me, the journey is worth it. 

Be Brave, Stay Curious & Keep Growing,


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