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Focus Growth Planner

This heavy-duty planner was designed to do it all. From going after big goals to maintaining your day-to-day life.


This beautiful planner will help you bring balance to your life. To find clarity on where you want to go, and break your goals down to a bite-size task that helps you accomplish success in your life.

Inside Your Planner:

  • Define long term goals, priorities, and values

  • Yearly/quarterly/monthly/weekly life tasks

  • Monthly calendar and goal setting 

  • Monthly finances and savings goals

  • Weekly planning and goal setting

  • Track daily and weekly self-care habits

  • Daily pages to keep you on track

  • End of week reflections and lessons learned

This 4 months planner will keep you on track with your goals big and small. Help you balance your work and personal life. 

The Growth Journal is meant to handle; your busy schedule so that you can do more with less effort!


The Story

I had too many tasks and not enough time to do it all. That was what life felt like before I started using The Growth Planner.

Running multiple businesses, managing three tiny humans' schedules, and trying to maintain my mental wellbeing felt exhausting. 

I wanted a planner that could help me organize it all, a tool to help me stay focused and on track with my life goals, financial goals, and work goals. A planner that balanced work and life to help me stay on top of the emails,  house cleaning, and, most importantly, my wellbeing.


I decided to design a planner that would help me determine my big life goals and clearly understand my priorities.  A planner to ensure that my monthly, weekly, and daily tasks are aligned to my big picture. 

I found that I was living a happier, fuller life with this clarity. 

I wanted to share what I learned with others. I want you to stop dreaming and start living because you deserve to live a prosperous life.

 Preview the Growth Planner

The Specs

6" X 9" Hard Bound Planner

258 pages 4 months / 16 weeks / 112 daily view planner

Tools to help you live a successful life; Goal Setting, Money Planner, Happines Bingo, Daily Happiness Habits, Productivity Tracker and so much more

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