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Monthly Journal Designed For You

Every month you will receive a beautifully designed journal in your email.

Our printable journals are created to guide you through self-discovery, personal wellbeing, and attaining your goals


Real, Simple, Actionable steps to help you take back control of your life

How to Stop Dreaming & Start Living


* Bi Monthly Book Club join our live discussion online or answer the questions in your journal

* Keeping it Fun with Monthly Bingo


* Monthly Habit Tracker to help improve energy, focus and well being

* Mood Tracker


* Word of Affirmation

* Weekly Journal Promts

* End of month review


*  Define your values and priorited

* Top 10 Life Goals

* Focua Goal & Plan

Everything you need to live a fulfilling life is already within you. Discovering your happiness, becoming

fearlessly authentic, or building up the courage to go after big dreams, are waiting inside you.  Uncover your true self using the power of journaling, find habits that help increase your energy and routines that save you time. 


I hear "I don't have enough time"  and we know how hard juggling the kids, work, and life can be. We also how important your well-being is to be able to show up and be the best mom, boss, sister, or friend you can be.

Our monthly journals are created with your busy schedule in mind and can be used daily in 5 minutes or less and once a week for around 15 minutes.

So if you are:

A Working Mom whose days are filled with juggling meetings, deadlines, and 6 pm daycare pick up


A Stay-At-Home Mom balancing nap schedule, carpool and trying to find a minute of peace


A Beautiful Women who is building your life and career,


This journal will help you find peace and happiness. Be the writer of your story, how will your next chapter look?

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Yellow Roses Illustration
Yellow Roses Illustration

Monthly Growth Journal

How We Grow

One Word At A time

We are inspired by the top thought leaders in psychology, self-devlopment, wellbeing, business,  and parenting  to bring you a  beautifully designed, guided monthly journal.

Each month we will focus on one carefully chosen word to help you grow on your journey. The beauty to the process is it does not matter if this is your first step or you have traveled far in your journey. There is something for everyone


Let creativity flow or use it as it is (did we mention its beautiful)  

Created for You

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Yellow Roses Illustration

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