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[S2E17] Say Her Real Name

The Intelligence Unit investigates the arsonist that killed Shay. During the investigation he fools the police with the use of various aliases, including one that is the name of another firefighter who was killed in the same incident as Peter Mills' father. They find that as a boy he was the only survivor of a fire that killed his entire family when he was 7 years old. Eventually they find that he is targeting Gabriela Dawson and has trapped her in an elevator. He pours gasoline into the elevator intending to burn up and take her with him; Gaby is able to stall him long enough for Antonio to shoot him. Elsewhere, Sergeant Platt acts exceedingly nice to all the precinct officers prompting suspicions from Burgess and Roman. When confronted about it she says that she is being investigated by the city after a complaint said she lacked people skills. It's later revealed that it was a front for a reporter doing a story on her, the lie angers Burgess and she walks away.

[S2E17] Say Her Real Name

Glencallan or GlenCallan is a brand of Scotch whisky created by Independent Studio Services as a prop for several TV shows, such as Bones, Community, Grey's Anatomy, Hart of Dixie, Nip/Tuck, The Shield, and "Zoo". The name is possibly an amalgam of "Glenlivet" and "Macallan," two popular real world brands of scotch.

Burke gathers himself in the hallway before returning in the OR. He tells Cristina it's time to go now, because this is really dangerous. He says he can't do this or think with her in here. Meredith assures Cristina they'll be fine. Before leaving, Cristina tells Burke to be the other guy from the movies, the one who runs away from danger instead of facing it like the hero. A teary-eyed Meredith asks Dylan if he has a plan to get her out of this. Dylan is silent.

Izzie and Alex approach a busy Richard. They really want an assignment, but Richard is having trouble breathing and he's all sweaty. Izzie asks for a wheelchair as Alex guesses he's having a heart attack.

Izzie and Alex are in Richard's room. A doctor confirms his EKG looks normal. Richard is not interested in all the other labs, but Adele is. Izzie tells Adele that Richard should really wait until they get the blood work back. Richard throws the interns out of his room. Adele refuses to let him leave, so he has to lie down.

The bomb squad and Meredith are slowly moving down the hallway. She asks Dylan to go over it again. He says the device is shaped like a rocket, about 8 inches long. Burke's team is ready for them as soon as they take the device out of the body cavity. Meredith will need to pull it out while keeping it level. Meredith and Dylan reveal they don't like each other. Cristina comes over and Meredith explains they're moving further away from the OR in case they blow up. Dylan tells Cristina to keep her distance. Meredith asks Cristina to tell her something, because she's freaking out and she really has to pee. Cristina says Burke told her he loved her while he thought she was sleeping. Like she said this morning, everybody has problems. Cristina says reciprocity is not required because Burke thought she was sleeping. The gurney suddenly hits a metal bar on the floor, bringing them to a stop. Dylan encourages everyone to get it together so they can keep going, nice and slowly.

Addison and George are in Bailey's room, trying to convince her to push, but Bailey wants to be left alone. Addison wants to leave to get them an OR, but George tells Bailey he's very disappointed in her. He really expected more. She doesn't hide from a fight and she does not give up. She strives for greatness. She's a doer. Her husband may not be here and a lot of things are out of their control right now, but this they can control. She gives in and sits up to start pushing. George climbs into the bed and sits behind her to hold her. "Let's have this baby," he says.

Burke tells Meredith that James's pressure is dropping. They have to move. Meredith says this is crazy. She tells Burke and Dylan to go. Dylan urges Meredith to look at him. He knows this is really bad and that he's an ass, so Meredith has to pretend he's someone she really likes because she needs to listen to him.

In the main lobby, Richard is informed that people are coming up from the OR floor. Alex goes to talk to Mindy, and they all gather around the elevator, including Hannah. The elevator arrives and Derek and Burke get off. As they walk up to the crowd, Preston greets Derek using his first name. Derek reciprocates. Mindy asks Burke about her husband. Burke says he's alive and well, thanks to Hannah. Mindy walks up to Hannah and hugs her.

Meredith goes downstairs and sees Derek. He says she almost died today. She knows. He looks at her for a couple of seconds, then opens the door to leave. She says she can't remember their last kiss. That's all she could think about. She really wants to be able to remember the last time they were together and happy. He says he's glad she didn't die today. He says it was a Thursday morning. She was wearing her Dartmouth T-shirt. She'd just washed her hair and she smelt like some kind of flower. He was running late for surgery. She said she was gonna see him later, and she leaned in and kissed him. Soft and quick, kind of like it was a habit, like they'd do it for the rest of their lives. She went back to reading the newspaper and he went to work. She says it was lavender, from her conditioner. He smiles and leaves.

Well, this is the one, people. The one that made every fan lose their ability to trust anyone, ever again. Years before Age of Ultron, Joss Whedon shattered our faith in anything with his name attached to it, because of this. Fucking. Episode.

My biggest nitpick with this episode is the whole Willow as a substitute teacher thing. I realize Sunnydale is not exactly the model city for child/teen welfare, but there is no way that they would have a student teaching a class as a sub. In most places, you need a certain amount of college credit to even apply, but you definitely need to be an adult. Jenny should have called the school administration, not Willow. *gets off soapbox*

Plus I recall reading a Joss Whedon interview saying they wrote those references in because they wished as teens they could have been cool and sophisticated enough to make them. It basically made the writers happy to have banter that would never be realistic to the characters.

In Romani culture, you have multiple names, so Jennifer Calendar was likely her legal name, and the one she use with non-Romani people, while Janna is her Romani name, and Kalderash is her subgroup/clan/tribe whatever word you want to use and dialect.

Left with the possibility of being poor once again, Julie began to devise plans to regain the life she once had. Lance had offered to kill Caleb, but Julie refused the offer. When Caleb pushed her too far by filing for divorce only days before their one-year anniversary, Julie decided to finish the job herself and attempted to give him an overdose of sleeping pills in his drink. Caleb realized and craftily played at her conscience until she found herself unable to deliver his death blow. Minutes later, he died anyway because of a heart attack.

When Frank Atwood returned to Newport to see his son, she welcomes him with an open heart and falls in love with him. She hides their relationship for a long time, but then they start to date officially. Kaitlin doesn't really like having Frank as a stepdad and tries to convince her mother to marry Bullit, but in the end she decides to continue dating Frank.

After finding out that Marco is Star's other best friend, Pony Head gets jealous and threatens him to not get between her and Star. She calls him "earth turd", tries to push him off the dance cloud in the Bounce Lounge, and ditches him at the Amethyst Arcade. However, once she realizes how important he is to Star, she goes back to save him from the guards. Her heroism puts her on good terms with Marco, and when she departs for St. O's, she appreciates him telling her good luck and calls him by his real name. Though she still insists on being known as Star's "best bestie", she remains on good terms with Marco when next they meet.

In "Goblin Dogs", Pony Head tries to monopolize Star's attention, making Marco interact with her friend Kelly. Despite this, she still treats Marco quite well, even addressing him by name throughout the adventure (except in one instance).

The next morning the two wake up to find trees knocked onto the ground, one tree even crushed their car. They begin searching for the nearest highway in hopes of getting a ride from someone to the nearest town. When they look down, they see a town near where they had camped the previous night. The man looks at his map and does not understand how a whole town could suddenly appear overnight. As they explore the town, the sheriff of the town pulls up from behind them, asking the two if they are lost. He tells them his name is Graham, welcoming them to Storybrooke.

At Granny's Diner, a resident reads the Storybrooke Daily Mirror, which reads "Reagan: Marines will be staying in Beirut". Granny serves Regina a plate of pancakes, and Sheriff Graham joins her. They trade compliments, but their flirting is interrupted by the boy, saying that he likes pancakes too. Regina does not recognize him as anyone from the Enchanted Forest. She asks the other people at the Diner whose child he is. She asks Marco, but he says no. The boy's father arrives, telling Regina his name is Kurt Flynn. He asks Regina if she knows where a hotel room might be. Regina acts confused and asks him why he would need a hotel room. Kurt answers that they need a place to sleep. Graham is taken to the side by Regina, who asks him if he knows who they are. He tells the mayor that they were camping near the Toll Bridge and adds that he is just as surprised as she is. Regina says she is threatened by surprises, and that bad things happen when she feels threatened. 041b061a72

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