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The Inner Sleeves L8 HOT!

Its no secret that the GM inner tie rods are much to be desired. In extreme conditions they can bend or even break, which can yield costly repair bills. These easy to install sleeves thread onto the inner tie rod making it nearly impossible to break or bend. Tie rod sleeves are one of the most economical and effective ways to improve your trucks steering durability. We recommend the use of tie rod sleeves to all truck pullers, drag racers, off-roaders and weekend warriors.

The Inner Sleeves L8

The leash is made of non-toxic full grain genuine leather which is non-stretching, extra strong and durable enough to withstand overload. It is also stitched for additional durability. All the fittings have attractive golden-like color because they are made of rustproof brass. It means that they will keep their shine for many years not being damaged by the influence of corrosion. Furthermore, as you will grab this leash by the handle, this handle has a special Nappa padding as an option. Due to this support material you will be provided with the utmost comfort when holding this leash. Besides, you will be protected from any irritation or rubbing. Note! This leather leash is available with soft inner padding and without it. You can choose more appropriate for yourself. SHIPPING Shipping cost for the USA orders Order total $0-$6.98 $6.99-$20 $20.01-$98 $98.01-$199 $199.01-$349 $349.01-UP UPS ground* $4.99 $6.49 $9 $14.90 $19.90 $19.90 USPS air delivery** $18.99 $18.99 $18.99 $24.90 $29.90 $34.90 Shipping cost for the USA orders Order total UPS ground* USPS air delivery** $0-$6.98 $4.99 $18.99 $6.99-$20 $6.49 $18.99 $20.01-$98 $9 $18.99 $98.01-$199 $14.90 $24.90 $199.01-$349 $19.90 $29.90 $349.01-UP $19.90 $34.90 * 1-5 business days on average once the order is shipped (not including holidays and weekends)** 3-5 business days on average (not including holidays and weekends)

In the same way that CDs in Japan cost a fortune today, vinyl records released in Japan were always expensive products. Not only did using virgin vinyl add to the cost, but record sleeves and any added inserts such as lyric sheets or posters were also made of high quality (meaning pricier) materials. These bonus items were added exclusively for the Japanese market in order to incentivize Japanese music fans into buying expensive vinyl.

The kit includes 4 inner wheel sleeves and wheel faces (outer chrome wheel sleeves from the Tamiya kit are required) along with 4 hub adapters sized for the front and rear axles (2 front and 2 rear). Also included are 3 optional resin wheel center treatments; an exposed axle nut, dust cap or full cover center cap along with 4 resin valve stems. Here is a look at the wax mold, kit components and final assembly. 041b061a72

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