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Oracle Jinitiator version Benefits and Features of the Plug-in for Oracle Forms Applications

Install Oracle Internet Application Server.In the formsweb.cfg file, reproduce the parameters that were used for cartridge configuration. To locate current OAS cartridge parameters, launch OAS and navigate to each forms application's Cartridge Configuration folder. Within each folder, click Cartridge Parameters. This displays the OAS cartridge parameter settings. Additionally, you will find parameter settings in the base HTML file(s) you created for Forms cartridge applications.If you were using several OAS cartridge definitions for the Forms cartridge (that is, you were using several base HTML files), define separate configuration sections in the formsweb.cfg file-one for each cartridge. (With both strategies, the better practice is to create new configuration sections for cartridge parameters in the formsweb.cfg file rather than specify the parameters at the start of the formsweb.cfg file, outside a named section.)For a non-OAS Web listener, define the same virtual paths you used with OAS. Add a new virtual path for scripts that point to the directory containing the servlet, as follows: virtual_path_name = /servlet/ physical_path = /6iserver/forms60/java/oracle/forms/servletChange all the URL's you use to run forms to point to the servlet rather than the cartridge. For example, if the original URL was: =emp.fmx It should become: :port/servlet/f60servlet?config=emp Note:If you are using the HTTPS communication mode, use "https" rather than "http" in the examples above. (This is optional for Oracle JInitiator.)In this example, "myconfig" is the name of the configuration section you defined in the formsweb.cfg file that contains the parameters equivalent to your old cartridge parameters.8.3.2 Strategy for Users with Simple Base HTML FilesThe strategy for users with simple base HTML Files is to use the default Oracle Internet Application Server installation.

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Oracle Jinitiator is no longer compatible with oracle forms services. By default, Oracle Forms services 10g uses Jinitiator to run Forms applications. Jinitiator was compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox version 2.0. But latest internet explorer like IE 8 and 9 crash with Jinitiator. Similar behaviour is seen with Firfox version 3.0 and later.

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