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Where To Buy Used Bikes In San Francisco ((NEW))

Largest selection of Used Bikes in San Francisco! The daily inventory ranges from 250 to 280 Used Bikes plus over 60 Brand New Bikes. All the second-hand bikes are clean, tuned-up and oiled. We ensure that all the parts are in good working condition. We replace worn parts with new ones as needed. At Columbus Cyclery, all our used bikes are sold with a 30-day warranty(*) which includes all parts and labor. Guaranteed ! So, no bad surprises after you purchase the bike. We have been in the bicycle business since 2011.

where to buy used bikes in san francisco

Additionally, Columbus Cyclery gives away a bike to the community every quarter. That is Four (4) bikes per year! No purchase needed. Absolutely free. No marketing soliciting thereafter. It takes less than 2 minutes to enter a simple contest to win the bicycle. If you win, just walk in the store and pick any bike, used or new, valued at up to $600 retail. No strings attached.

Ellen H. My purchase of a used bike from Columbus Cyclery a few weeks ago was an excellent experience all around. It started with their excellent website where I could peruse the offerings. Then I was able to spend over an hour trying/testing the bikes I wanted (helped that I brought their ID codes from the site). They were very patient with me as I debated, nicely explaining different features and pros/cons. All the bikes I tried ran very well. Priced at 60%-50% of new retail (approximately), I thought the value was good. I got a Cannondale, helmet, lock and basket, all for just under $500 with tax. They very nicely fixed a couple things and gave me a kickstand for free. I took the bike for a long ride the next day and it was great. All in all, a great experience that I would recommend.

We have a number of used bikes for sale that have been donated to us or that we have bought new and used for our rentals. They are all in great working order and are warranted for 30 days. One of our main objectives is to get more people on bikes, so we offer great values. But, we also need to pay the rent, etc. It is helpful if you email or call if you are interested in a specific bike listed below because we have a limited amount of space and some of the bikes (*) are stored elsewhere than the Hut.

Browse the listings. See a bike you like? Give the owner a call. We recommend that you only deal locally. All sales are between buyer and seller exclusively. The New Wheel takes no responsibility for the bikes purchased through our used bike listing page.

Seller's Description: Lovingly cared for e-bike that powers up the biggest of SF hills. Battery replaced in 2020 ($1,000 item). I had to upgrade bikes because of my daughter needing a bigger seat; otherwise I would have used this for years more. The 56cm frame is best for someone 5'11"-6'2" tall.

If you're lucky, there might be a used sporting goods shop near you that'll buy used bikes. Many modern bike shops don't bother buying and selling used bikes anymore. Otherwise, one of the quickest ways to turn your used bike into cash is to find a local pawnshop. It is the old-fashioned way to turn most items into quick cash. If you're lucky, you may have a shop nearby that specializes in buying, selling, and consigning used sporting equipment.

Simply follow the steps below and we will send you a quote for your bike within 24 hours. If you have a high-quality used frame or wheels, we're interested in those too! It doesn't matter where you live in the U.S. We cater to clients across the country, and we are committed to offering a fair price for your used bicycle.

Most importantly, ask for the serial number of the bike, which is a unique identifier and is often used by owners to register their bikes and to prove their ownership. (The SF Bicycle Coalition successfully lobbied Craigslist to add a serial number field on their used bike ad form, but in our experience few sellers actually use it.) A person who has stolen a bike may be reluctant to give this information, since it could prove that they are in possession of stolen goods. You may need to help the seller find the serial number, which is usually stamped directly on the underside of the frame beneath the bottom bracket, where the pedal cranks attach.

We had such a great experience at GKB! Their mission is fantastic, their employees are knowledgeable and friendly, and they have a great selection of new and used bikes. We left with two bikes, and are very happy customers!

Shop our huge in-store inventory of used Harley-Davidson motorcycles for sale in San Francisco, along with pre-owned bikes from other brands. At San Francisco Harley-Davidson, we sell all types of used Harley bikes, including cruisers and touring motorcycles, and we take trade-ins. We also offer service and parts to keep your older motorcycle in like-new shape.

Our selection of used and demo/closeout bikes is always changing. We will do our best to update our USED Bike page as often as possible. All used bikes are sold as is, but we have checked them and made the necessary mechanical adjustments. Demo or closeout bikes are bikes that have been test riden or have just become old inventory.

Some of the bike shops in the area really know how to take care of Burners. Some sell used bikes, some only new bikes. Some offer rentals, repair services, or storage, and some accept donations post-event!

Reno Bike Project (RBP) sells recycled bikes intended for the playa starting at $100. These recycled and reused bikes have at least one gear, one brake, and tight bearing surfaces. RBP also offers a full range of accessories and services, including last minute repairs for people rolling through Reno and bike assembly for people who want to ship their bike to Reno. You can reserve your playa bike online, and they accept bike donations post-event at their shop. RBP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community bicycle shop and resource for the Truckee Meadows area committed to creating a nationally recognized, cycling-friendly community through education, cooperation and advocacy. Sales from Burning Man bikes support programs such as the community bike shop, youth riding and programs, and more. More info on their website.

Our friends at the Kiwanis Bike Program sell affordable used bicycles starting at $70 and limited accessories, including lights, baskets, car racks, and locks. You can reserve your bike online. They also have a limited selection of Burner bikes available for walk-in purchase at their Reno location. These are first come, first serve, as long as supplies last. You can also donate your bike to them post-event at the Kiwanis Bike Program at 5305 Mill Street, Reno NV

While we do not endorse any particular buying platform (or help with the process), below are examples where current Members have purchased a used Peloton Bike. Please note that your participation in any of these or other marketplaces is at your own risk.

My husband took our son there andthey found the perfect bike at a great price. Coincidentally, one of my husband'sco-workers and one of his clients also work at the shop restoring the used bikesto excellent condition. The Re-Cyclery is more than just a bikestore; working to keep bicycles out of landfills by putting them back on thestreets as affordable, environmentally friendly transportation. The Re-Cycleryis also the home of the Trips For Kidsserving at-risk youth throughout the San Francisco Bay area, working with over300 local organizations.

It's estimated that used bikes are bought and sold in America to the tune of $2 billion per year. Most of them, perfectly legal. But many sales happen on Craigslist and eBay, two places that have no protections for stolen bikes. So, if possession is nine-tenths of the law, how do you ensure you're not buying a stolen (and beloved) bike?

This place is great. I love the lines of electric bikes they have. I started renting a couple with me and my friends and it ended with a purchase of a Magnum series. Good price for high end, strong, and stylish E-Bikes. The staff was very fast and helpful. And if I ever need future repairs on my Magnum E-Bike, I know where to come to! Highly recommend!

I don't doubt that there will be a few people who will try this out, I will be one of them. But more out of curiosity than from filling a real need. When all these non bike-related agencies decided to spend $10,000 per bike on a program like this, I don't think this was within their mandate. Air District? I don't doubt that private enterprises would contribute to a viable program, after it proved to be viable. My concern is that all the risk up front is being assumed by tax payers, without any real consent to do so.San Francisco already has at least one privately-run bike rental program that is wildly popular, judging by the number of tourists I see pushing the bikes up SF hills. 700 bikes distributed around an entire metro area can't be fairly compared to the DC program of thousands of bikes in a dense downtown with many drop locations near the Metro. All of the cities cited are dense downtowns, flat, and heavily touristed. I believe that tourists fill the need in many of these cases.I rented such a metro bike in Germany at the train station a few years back while on vacation. The bike looked just like the one in the article's picture. (Non-standard parks, not very desirable.) The bike was issued with a lock, and it was stolen, while locked up, within 3 hours of rental. I had to fill out some paperwork, and got another one without any penalty to me. The German tax-payer picked up most of that tab. Now imagine a scenario where a tourist is risking $1200 if their undesirable rental gets stolen. That would prevent most users from ever parking it anywhere but the drop locations. And with limited drop locations and 700 bikes distributed over such a wide area, that limits the usefulness of this program significantly.Private bike rental companies have already figured out how to do this cost-effectively in SF. If there were really a need for a redundant program like the $10K program, it would have existed already, there is plenty of VC money around to fund something like this, if it made any sense. 041b061a72

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