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Chillas Art The Bathhouse

The game casts you as Akimura Maina, who's decided to quit working for a company to take on a different job, that of a bathhouse employee. All Maina needs to do is give the customers their wares, collect payments, and clean up afterwards. After that, Maina can take a shower herself.

Chillas Art The Bathhouse

  • The Bathhouse contains examples of: Bittersweet Ending: The good ending has Erena alive with the ritual being stopped. However, Maina is dead and the worst part is that Erena doesn't remember her as if she doesn't exist.

  • Fade to Black: Happens whenever you enter/exit a place, go on break, and decide to have your bath.

  • Multiple Endings: The game has two endings depending on whether Erina frees the chained man: In the bad ending, Erena is burned and sacrificed in the furnace but the Ubume kills both the monk and the landlord, freeing herself and roaming into the streets.

  • In the good ending, the man saves Erena and takes her out of the streets as he kills the monk and the landlord by setting them on fire along with the bathhouse. The old lady brings Erena to the hospital. Unfortunately, Erena doesn't remember who Maina is.

  • Notice This: Objects/areas that can be interacted with have a black circle with a white arrow in the middle hovering over them.

  • The Place: The game's named after Maina's place of work.

  • P.O.V. Cam: The game is viewed through Akimura Maina's eyes. In the middle of the game, the POV switched to her sister, Erena, who went to the village to find Maina after she went missing.

  • "Wanted!" Poster: You find a couple in the neighbourhood. The face is shaded by shadow, though.

[Warning: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for The Bathhouse.]After obtaining the key from her landlord and meeting the monk at the local shrine, Maina starts her first week on the job. Unfortunately, the vengeful ghost haunting the bathhouse quickly becomes aggressive with her, stalking her while she works and bathes. Before the end of her first week, Maina is dragged into the bath by the spirit and killed, making it impossible for the first-player character to survive this eerie single-player horror game.

Stepping into the bathhouse for the first time brings you into alarmingly close contact with the landlord, who informs you that the job is pretty self-explanatory: all you need to do is follow the customer requests, then clean the place up at the end of the day by completing the tasks listed on the whiteboard. From hereon, your time is split between handing out towels and soap to bathhouse attendees, scrubbing the filth they leave behind, and investigating a mystery that gradually comes to light over the course of several in-game days.

Developer Chilla's Art has released a new teaser trailer showcasing their upcoming horror game The Bathhouse ahead of its September launch. The developers are two brothers who enjoy creating indie Japanese horror games, this time making one set in a bathhouse. Chilla's Art tweeted earlier this week stating that the release of the game is coming up soon: 041b061a72

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