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Growth Journal

Happiness comes from the inside.

This is why our Happiness Growth Journal focuses on 3 core happiness principles that are proven to help you live a happier life. 


3 Core Happiness Principles:

  • Gratitude 

  • Reflecting on moments that made you smile

  • Self-care

The Happiness Growth 90-day Journal is designed on popular psychology. Giving you the tools to help guide you in your happiness journey.


The Story

I wanted to live a happier and fuller life.


I was reading every book I could get on the happiness subject and from psychologists to monks, to philosophers, everyone agreed that practicing gratitude, self-care, and capturing moments of joy daily would improve your happiness.

I wanted a journal that would help me practice those things daily. I was not able to find a journal that had all three practices in one place, plus the space to write down my thoughts of the day.

That is when I created the Happiness Growth Journal.

What I found was that practicing gratitude daily turned who I am and what I have into enough. I would go through my days looking for the little things that I was grateful for, or the moments that brought me joy. This increased my happiness. 

My daily practice grounded me and allowed me to start my days off right. I wanted to share this easy daily practice with others. I want you to feel happier too, which is why I created the Happiness Growth Journal to share.

The Preview

The Specs

6" X 9"  Soft Bound Journal 

112 pages 90 Day Guided Journal

Tools to get you started; 25 journal prompts, 50 gratitude ideas, coloring page, and happiness bingo to get you started on your happiness journey  

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