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10 Binge Worthy Netflix Movies

One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to curl up on the couch with my husband and kids, sip hot chocolate with a fire to keep us warm and watch holiday movies.

I love the old Christmas movies that bring back fond childhood memories, the romantic Christmas movies that make you believe in true love once again, or the films that make you believe that all this magic is beyond our comprehension.

My son Aj and I have been hard at work this season to give you our top

10 favorite Netflix binge-worthy Christmas movies. Enjoy:

  1. The Holiday Calendar

Christmas Inheritance

  1. The Christmas Chronicles

  2. The Grinch (All of them)

  3. Christmas with the KRANKS

  4. White Christmas

  5. Klaus

  6. A Christmas Prince 1,2&3

  7. The Knight Before Christmas

  8. Elliot


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