10 Trick or Treating Alternatives for a Fang-Tastic Halloween

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Click to Download your Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween is slowly creeping up on us and like with everything else that has happened in 2020, I have no clue what to expect. I scroll my Facebook feed and can see other parents out there wondering how we can still make this Halloween memorable while still keeping our children safe.

I knew it the minute my daughter walked up to me talking about her princess costume and going trick-or-treating. I refuse to allow my children to suffer another ruined holiday because of COVID.

Halloween may look different this year, but different is not always bad. You may find new traditions that you enjoy and will want to do again in the upcoming years.

Trick or Treating Alternatives for 2020

Tips to Help Your Children Adjust to a New Halloween:

  1. Be honest with them early on about the change of Halloween plans. By this point, they know COVID has caused many unwanted changes. They may be sad and that is ok. A hug from you will go a long way.

  2. Get them involved. Share the list below and let your kids pick which idea sounds like the most fun to them.

  3. Remind them; things will eventually return to normal(ish) one day. Until then, focus on making positive memories.

Below is a List of Guaranteed Family Fun:

  1. Scavenger hunt- Do this either in your house or in your neighborhood. Grab a bag of your favorite Halloween candy, and every time a kiddo finds something, they get a treat. Click Here to Download

  2. Neighborhood social distancing trick-or-treating parade- Get some of your neighbors together. Everyone can stand in their driveway (or 6 feet apart) and have the kids walk up and down the street as the adults “ooh and aah” at their beautiful/scary costumes.

  3. Family movie night with a bowl of candy – Skip going out altogether and binge-watch your family’s favorite spooky movies while munching on your favorite Halloween candy.

  4. Purchase a Halloween themed piñata- Who does not love a piñata filled with candy?

  5. Social distancing party with your “POD”- Are there families you are spending time with? Would they want to do a Halloween party?

  6. Spend the evening getting crafty- Carve Pumpkins, decorate cookies, and do a fun, spooky project.

  7. Halloween game night- At-home Escape Room anyone? A quick search on Pinterest will give you tons of options to keep you busy.

  8. Let your kids plan a Halloween themed dinner party- Do you have future party planners in your house? Why not turn this into an unforgettable night where they get to plan and help prepare an extra spooky meal.

  9. Go trick-or-treating Zoom Style- We have successfully gone back to school, held conferences, and had girl’s nights via Zoom. Why not throw a Halloween party?

  10. Go trick-or-treating using these safety tips - Everyone has their comfort levels. I wanted to share these great tips I found online. If you and your family choose to go trick-or-treating, make share you select a costume with a mask, get a grabber for each trick-or-treater, or go trick-or-treating only at friend’s and family's homes.

Trick or Treating Alternatives for 2020

Tips to Make Your House Trick-or-Treat Safe:

  1. Turn lights on or off if you want to participate

  2. Leave candy outside

  3. Make designated spots 6 feet apart for visitors waiting inline

If your heart is sad that our children are not getting a typical Halloween, I am with you. If I think too long about it, I get sad and mad at the same time. I have decided that I cannot change the path our world is on, but I can try and make it a little bit better for my kids.