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14 Ideas That Will Help You Drink More Water

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Maybe you have tried to increase your water before but found it hard or tedious, or perhaps you are currently struggling hitting your daily goal. Whatever the reason, I have been there too and wanted to share a few tricks that I learned and use.

Between the glowing skin, increased energy, and the ability to help you lose weight, I was determined to improve my water intake. Like most people, I got bored with the flavor (or lack thereof) and carrying around large water bottles.

For me, having the right cup to drink from and switching between teas, mix-ins, and sparkling waters makes a big difference in hitting my water goals. Below you will find a list of my favorites, and what I have heard works well for others to hit their water goals!

  1. Gallon JugThis bad boy is home base. He is stationary either at home or in the office, and I fill up throughout the day. This jug allows me to not worry about counting ounces. Free Option – Gallon Jug from the store and keep re-using it. >>>Click to view on Amazon

  2. 40oz Bottle – This is for the days when I will be out of the house for a few hours. I can fill this guy up and go. I can also bring my collegian powder with me and add it for flavoring when I'm halfway through the bottle. Discount Version – Costco carries an affordable water bottle. >>>Click to view on Amazon

  3. 20oz Tumbler with Straw – I drink more water when I use a straw (however, I did hear that using a straw may give you wrinkles around your mouth). When I'm trying to hit a gallon, I like to use my tumbler. Just a heads up, you do have to order the straw separate. Free Version – I used a large Panera cup for a week to see how I liked before investing in a tumbler.>>>Click to view on Amazon

  4. 20oz Teacup – I love tea, and decaf herbal teas are a great way to increase my water intake. I love drinking from a ceramic mug. Repurpose – The 20oz Tumbler has a lid that allows you to use it as a hot beverage cup as well.>>>Click to view on Amazon

  5. Infuser Water Bottle – It's like a spa on the go! >>>Click to view on Amazon

  6. Herbal Teas – My favorites are Jasmin green tea and peppermint. >>>Click to view on Amazon

  7. Sparkling Water – Thanks to the popularity of La Croix, flavored sparkling water is easy to find. I tend to save my sparkling water for nighttime; it's a nice treat to come home to.

  8. Fruit – Lemon, cucumber, pineapple- the possibilities are endless.

  9. Flavored Collegian Powder – I love the taste and get the added benefit of taking my vitamins.>>>Click to view on Amazon

  10. Tracking Apps – There is an app for everything, even tracking your water.

  11. Water Tracker – Some planners allow you to track your water or you can add it in with cute stickers.>>>Click to view on Amazon

  12. Order water when eating out - Not only will you save a few dollars you will eat less. As you sip on your water you trick your mind into thinking that you are fuller, which means you will eat less.

  13. Drink one glass of water right when you wake up and before bed - Set your day off right, a cold glass of water first thing in the morning not only will rehydrate you, but also wake you up.

  14. Create a Schedule – Write down what and when you will drink and set reminders on your phone. Here is an idea of what my schedule looks like:

Schedule for drinking 80oz of water:

7 am – 20oz of Green Tea

9 am – 20oz of Water

1 pm – 20oz of Water with collegian mixed in

3 pm – 20oz of Decaf Tea – Currently my favorite is Candy Cane tea from Sprouts

I tend to sip on water throughout dinner and bedtime, but since I have already hit my daily goal I don't typically track how much I drink

Schedule for drinking a Gallon (120oz)

5 am – 12oz of Green Tea

7 am – 20oz of Green Tea

9 am – 10oz of Water blended into a smoothie

12 am – 20oz of Water

2 pm – 20oz of Water with collegian mixed in

4 pm – 20oz of Decaf Tea – Currently my favorite is Candy Cane tea from Sprouts

6 pm – 18oz of sparkling water

Your goal is to find the right amount of water that makes you feel energized and hydrated. Have fun, and stay curious as you find the right tools, flavors, and tracking methods.

Stay Curious, Be Brave, & Always Believe in Yourself.

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