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24 Kid Tested & Mom-Approved Easter Basket Ideas

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Raise your hand if you forgot about Easter! With the world on lockdown, working from home and homeschooling my kids I almost forgot that Easter was right around the corner!

As a budget-loving, clutter-hating mom, holidays where kids get knick-knacks drive me bonkers. I hate wasting money on toys that will break or only get played with a few times.

I HATE wasting money!

Over the years I found a few "stuffer" essentials that I know the kids will love and that I don't mind spending money on.

Here is my list of Easter Basket stuffers that your kids will love, and you won't feel like you are wasting your hard earned money! My budget is ($20) per kid, I want to make sure that on Easter morning they are excited and love what they find. I also want to make sure that they play with their loot more than just once.

Arts & Crafts

I am a huge fan of arts & crafts kits. I always have a few laying around ready to go when the kids are looking for something to do. My favorite part is that I don't have to store a lot of crafting material and Melissa and Doug have tons of affordable choices:

Outside Fun

Bubbles, chalk paint and water balloons are my summer essentials. The kids have come up with some very creative play using these basic affordable activities:


My kids go crazy over bath bombs, foam and color tablets. I love them,\ because it is contained in the bathroom, makes my kids excited to bath and once it's gone, it's gone:


Nothing makes me happier than to see kids reading or listening to an audio book. Currently, my oldest is learning about Greek Mythology, on Audible. National Geographic is a favorite of my six-year-old:

Games & Puzzles

When we have time to play a game or work on a puzzle the kids love it. There may be some kicking and screaming in the beginning, but by the end, they are begging to play again:


I know this section might seem contradictory. In the beginning of the post I said that I dislike clutter and these very much fall in the clutter section. BUT don't ask my why the kids love them:

Don't Forget the Candy:

Just in case you don't feel like running to the store for candy, let amazon deliver it to you!

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