25 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Let's talk about money-saving tips and how to lower your electric bill. This summer, my husband and I decided to focus on Dave Ramsey's baby step #3 to grow our rainy day savings. We are looking at our spending and "trimming the fat". This month our focus is saving money on our electric bill.

Learn How to Lower Your Electric Bill With These 25 Money Saving Solutions

I was shocked to find out which are the four most energy-sucking devices and was intrigued to see how much each device cost per month.

Central Air Conditioner tends to be the most expensive contributor on your monthly bill, costing you up to $60 a month. Here are a few ways to lower your monthly AC cost:

  • Don't turn on your AC. I know you are looking at me like I am crazy, but this is what we have done for years. I live in California, and our summer tends to be 90+ degrees with days in the 100's. If this seems crazy, check out these tricks to keep your house cool and lower your cost.

  • Open windows at night and close them by 9 am on scorching days. This trick will keep the cold air in.

  • Keep the sun out. Closing drapes and blinds will help keep the room cooler.

  • Use fans, ceiling fans, floor fans, or little fans. They all work to help move the air and keep you cool.

  • Use a programmable thermostat. Start to change it slowly; every few days allow the house to get a little warmer/cooler. You can make a game out of it to see if anyone even notices.

  • Checking doors and windows for leaks.

  • Check if your ducts have holes, clogs, or leaks.

  • Get an attic ceiling fan to suck out the hot air.

  • Change your filters regularly.

Electric Water Heater Your electric water heater usually is the second most expensive appliance in your house costing on average around $30 a month:

  • Take shorter showers. This not only saves on water but also lowers your electric water heater cost!

  • Lower your hot water heater temperature.

  • Use a tankless hot water heater.

  • Insulate your hot water heater.

Standard Refrigerator and Freezer Unit To run, this device it will cost you $11 a month.

  • Keep your fridge and freezer full.

  • Keep refrigerator coils clean .

  • Don't put warm food in your fridge.

Clothes Dryer Costs you about .40 cents a load. So for the family who does a daily load (that's this family), it cost us on average $12 a month:

  • Cleaning the lint trap after every load is one of the most important things you can do.

  • Buy some dryer balls; this helps maintain the heat within the dryer.

  • Once a year, vacuum out the vents and the air hose coming out of the back of your dryer.

  • Use a lower heat setting (and a longer drying time) to use less energy.

  • Always run a full load.

  • Start line drying laundry.


  • Switch to an LED bulb.

  • Motion sensor light – With a house full of kids and a husband who likes to leave every light on in the house. Motion sensor lights have been AMAZING! No longer am I walking room to room turning off lights. We have them in closets and hallways; when you walk in, the light turns on, and after no movement for a few minutes the light automatically turns off.

  • Use a dimmer.

Small changes add up to big savings over the year. On the daily, even monthly you may only save pennies turning off that one light switch, but when you change the way you think and look how all those pennies add up over the long run, it makes a difference. If you are trying to get your family excited on how to lower the electric bill, work together to find steps that everyone can agree will be easy and make the biggest impact. Small changes on a consistent basis leads to great results!

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