3 Things That Happy People Do Differently

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Do you feel like something is missing in your life? 

Are you busy chasing after the kids or trying to juggle work while getting dinner on the table? 

It is so easy to put everyone else’s happiness before your own. 

Too often we think, “When (blank) happens, I will finally be happy”. Until that day comes, we are sleep deprived, stressed, or anxious. Why wait for happiness to be found someday? Especially since studies have shown that when we achieve our goals, that happiness soon disappears.

What if I told you that there is a better way to be happy on your journey to success? Not just when you achieve your desired goal. What if I told you that you have the power to increase your happiness today, and it’s easier than you think?

The difference between happy and unhappy people is that happy people build happy-boosting habits into their daily routines. 

In 2017, I had three babies (newborn, 3yr old, and 6yr old). I still remember the day when I

had my aha moment. I was exhausted and had just finished a long day in the office, rushed home to cook dinner for cranky kids, and had trouble getting them to go to bed. I was putting away laundry and running through my mental to-do list, thinking of ways to make the upcoming weekend special for the kids. I had a thought, “I should do something that would make me happy, OMG, what would make me happy?”

I had spent half a decade taking care of babies and building my career that I lost myself in the process. I had kept telling myself I will be happier when… 

I closed this project.

The baby sleeps through the night.

We go on this vacation.

My happiness was always looming in the future because I kept accomplishing my goals and then setting new ones. The happiness quickly faded away. 

I wanted to be happy NOW. No matter where I was on my journey. I dedicated a year of my life to find out how to add more happiness to my day-to-day life; this is what I found out. 

1. Playing is not just for kids.

Enjoy passions outside of work and family that bring you joy.

If you are thinking, “Sabline, my life is crazy; I barely have time to pee, let alone have a hobby, your craycray”. That is exactly what I told myself back in 2018. But 2020 Sabline will say to you that having something that excites and brings you joy will make you more productive at work, a calmer mother, and an all-around better person.   If you don’t have time to try out different hobbies to find what makes your heart sing, Gretchen Rubin recommends looking at what made you happy as a child. What activity did you spend hours doing? Was it reading, drawing, building Legos, swimming, riding horses, or maybe scrapbooking? Start there. 

2. Sleep enough, eat healthily and move your body.

Happiness is linked to chemicals and hormones that your body produces. Getting enough sleep, the right nutrition, and moving your body will help regulate those hormones properly. I don’t quite understand the science of it all, but I promise you many smart people have done tons of studies on this topic. Here is the cliff note version:

  • Sleep – Helps lower stress hormones.

  • Exercise - Increases endorphins, dopamine, and adrenaline. Basically all of the chemicals linked to feeling happy and confident. 

  • Healthy Diet – Is your body’s fuel, so if you eat like crap, you feel like crap. If you eat food that nourishes your body (NOT SOME FAD DIET) it ensures that your hormones and energy are getting what they need to work properly.

I know that this is a sensitive topic. All of the above take time, time that you may not have. Look at the benefits my friend. Focusing on sleep, exercise, and diet will increase your energy and improve your mood. If you feel overwhelmed, I encourage you to remind yourself that you are building lifelong habits and focusing only on a few new habits at a time.  

3. Increase daily “good feeling” habits.

What habits and routines make you feel like you are in control, give you extra time, and make your heart sing? Finding your right Thrive Formula (the proper habits and routine that allow you to enter into a flow state) is the key to your happiness. Happy people know the habits that bring them the most joy and intentionally create their daily routines around these habits. Check out the 23 daily habits ideas for a happier life to start finding you thrive formula.  The goal is not to be happier every day; that’s impossible. The goal is to give you control of your happiness.  To provide actionable and straightforward steps that will increase your joy and make you feel more at peace with your life. Adding more feel-good habits into your life will allow you to fill up your Happiness Tank; that way, when you have the inevitable lousy day, you have a reserve and know that your happiness is just around the corner. That you have the power and the tools to bring it back. 

What I love most about Relative Growth is sharing with you those tools and resources to help you unlock how to stop dreaming and start living. Download your FREE happiness tracker and start to experiment with the habits and routines that bring you happiness.

Stay Curious. Be Brave. You're worth it!



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