4 Benefits That Will Make You Want to Declutter Your Home


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"Why Should I Declutter My House?"

As a working mom, time and energy are in high demand. So is it worth using what little stamina you have after a long week to declutter the house?

The answer is 100%, yes, and here is why.

Your home is your castle; it is where your family gathers around the dinner table and you unwind after a stressful day.

Studies have shown the 4 main benefits that living in an organized house can help:
  1. Lower stress

  2. Save time and money

  3. Improve productivity and creativity

  4. Increase confidence


If we know that having a well-organized home can bring such incredible benefits, then why aren't our homes perfectly organized all the time?

Well, my friends, life happens.

As a working mama of three young kids, there never seems to be enough time in the day. Can I get an amen to that!

We all have a closet we are afraid to open, a drop zone that has become a drop room, or a junk drawer that houses years of forgotten, unused stuff. For me, what pushed me over the edge was the kids' playroom.

My Declutter Story

In 2018, I devoted the year to happiness. The first thing on my list was to declutter my home.


One Friday night, after the kids were in bed, equipped with a glass of wine, trash bags, and some encouragement from my girlfriends, I started the process of decluttering the playroom.

The number of toys that we had inherited was mind-blowing. I purged bags and bags of toys then organized everything in easy-to-access bins. The project took me a few nights and a full weekend. When it was done, I felt the amount of pride was intoxicating, and I craved that peace in my other rooms.

I was on a mission to declutter my home, room by room. And now, almost 2 and a half years later, I still walk around my home and feel a sense of a calm. Objects that did not spark joy have been donated. Loved items that were once lost in a closet now sit on display and bring me so much pleasure to walk by them.

Do I still have rooms that need to be decluttered? ALWAYS, but every pass through the process gets faster and easier.