5 Easy Organizational Steps To Make Your House Look Amazing

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

First things first, you got this! Organizing, decluttering, spring cleaning, or minimizing. Whatever you want to call it, you can do it. You may be feeling a lot of different emotions: excitement, overwhelmed, anxiety, or fear. Whatever you are feeling, it is healthy and ok, but here is the trick- don't allow that emotion to de-rail you from your goal. The most important thing to do is just get started.

What you need:

  1. Trash bags

  2. Empty box or bag for donations (I use my amazon box or old shopping bags)

  3. Label maker, containers, or boxes


  1. Pick a room or a section of a place (download our scorecard to help you get started)

  1. Get inspiration – I love Pinterest for this. I like to see what other people have done to give me ideas of what I can do with my space. Keep in mind, this is just for inspiration. Depending on your budget and time, you may or may not be able to get the same look and that is ok. We are focusing on progress, not perfection.

  2. GET STARTED – This is the most critical step. Take action and get going.

Organization Time:

1. Empty- Empty everything from your chosen organization section and sort into 2 piles: keep and toss. Whew, doesn't that feel great?

2. Clean- Get rid of all that dust and grime that has built up over the months or years.

3. Sorting- Every item should be matched into a category. You can match ITEMS by color, shape, size, or type. For example:

Book Case: books can be organized by bookbinding color, size, or category.

Kitchen Pantry: You can group food together – breakfast items, backing items, canned items, snack items.

Closet – Clothes can be sorted by the type of season, color or style.

Here is the beauty of it, there is no right answer just do what feels right to you.

*As you are sorting, throw away any items that are broken, expired, stained, or unusable. Found something that you don't use anymore, outgrown, or no longer sparks joy? Donate it.

4. Organize- Put items in boxes, containers, or back on shelves and drawers.

5. Enjoy- There is something compelling about an organized drawer or closet. After I am done with my project, it is not uncommon to catch me staring at it lovingly for a few days.

Expert Tips:

  • Start Small – Looking at a whole room can be overwhelming. Pick a small mini zone that you can do in less than 30 min. That may look like just one shelf or drawer. Trust me, one year from now you can look back at 365 small steps and see how they helped you accomplish your goal!

  • Zone out - Rock out to your favorite music, listen to a book or podcast, or watch your favorite YouTuber or TV show while you organize.

  • Create a Habit – Once you have cleared the space, don't allow it to become a dump zone again. Put systems and rules in place (am /pm clean up, 10 minute speed cleans, or do the file-toss method) find what works for you.

  • Put the Credit Card Away – Sometimes you see the empty space and will feel the need to fill it back up. STOP. Sit with the emptiness. Ff after 30 days you still have a desire to add to it then shop away, my friend. In the meantime, you may find that you love the minimalist look, now you can appreciate what you do have that much more.

My goal is that you can find joy, peace, and happiness in your declutter and organization journey. Have fun!