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5 Powerful Ways a Journal Will Make You Happier

Why do you call up a friend when you have had a bad day, or when you’re trying to solve life’s problem?

You are looking for clarity.

When you have thoughts swirling around in your mind. When you are searching for an answer to your problem. When you want to remember that happy memory.

Writing in a journal helps set things straight, it helps you understand your fears and desires.

Too often people think that keeping a journal is a childish thing to do. However, that did not hold back this impressive list of famous actors, scientists, or business gurus from keeping a journal:

· Oprah Winfrey

· Albert Einstein

· Lady Gaga

· Tim Ferries

· Emma Watson

· Tony Robins

· Ronald Regan

What does this list of people know that we don’t?

They understand that journaling gives them insight and helps improve their daily lives.

Keeping a daily journal helps you:

1. Make better decisions

Taking the time to review your thoughts, to let out ALL of your feelings so that you can start to see the situation clearly and find solutions that will be beneficial to yourself and those around you.

2. Boost your mood

When you are able to go off your emotions, fears, and anxiety in a safe, unbiased space you are able to heal and recharge. This gives space to more positive emotions.

3. Strengthen your intuition

Too often you know the answer to what needs to be done. But fear, anxiety or other people's opinion cloud your judgment. Taking time to write down your thoughts and feelings on a situation will allow you to sort through what your intuition is trying to tell you. Over time you will start to notice patterns and will be able to pull out what thoughts are fear or anxiety based.

4. Capture your personal growth and happy moments

We want to believe that we will remember happy moments or life's milestones, but the reality is those memories will fade, and keeping a journal allows you to relive the joyful moments over and over again.

5. Stay organized

Thoughts, memories, accomplishments and tasks all recorded for you to review. The act of writing down a goal or idea puts it out into the universe. I know for myself, I love when I am working on a goal, only to review my journals and realize that a few years earlier it had been a dream that I am now carefully working towards.

Creating the habit of sitting down with a pen and paper and pouring out your heart can seem overwhelming; my suggestion would be to find a journal with prompts to help get you started.

Here is a list of some of the best journals on the market if you are new to journaling.

  1. Let That Sh*t Go

Why people like it

This fun, colorful journal is filled with great journal prompts, funny insights and quotes.

Who it is for

This would make a great gift for a friend (or yourself) who is going through a rough patch in their life.

2. Good Day's Start With Gratitude

Why people like it

Simple and straight forward focusing on the 3 three things you are thankful for every day.

Who it is for

Great if you are new to journaling and are trying to add it to your daily routine.

3. Five Minute Journal

Why people like it

The detailed instruction on how to not only use the journal but also change your mindset for a more positive outlook.

Who it is for

People looking for a simple solution to help change their life that fits into their busy schedules.

4. Happiness Growth Journal

Why people like it

Combination of gratitude practice, journal prompts, and wellbeing tracker to help change not only your mindset but also your daily habits.

Who it is for

People looking to discover how to live a happier more purposeful life.

5. SELF Journal

Why people like it

Think part planner, meets habit tracker, meets gratitude journal. This journal has a lot to offer in a small package.

Who it is for

Entrepreneurs and goal-oriented individuals.

In the end, it does not matter which journal you choose, as long as you get started. With so many journals out there, finding the right fit for you take patience and persistence. Just remember that with every journal you use, you are constantly growing.

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