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5 Toys That Will Make Your Summer Magical

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Amazon summer toy list

Every summer, I look for a handful of toys that will make my kids' summer magical. I have found the simpler the toys the better. If I give the kids the tools their imaginations do the rest.

Amazon Summer Toy List

1. Melissa and Doug Splash Pad

I love this toy so much so that our first version had to be retired. The games that the kids create with this toy are endless. Running, jumping, makeshift water gun and this year it is being used under the trampoline.

Age range 6month +

Price $13.49 +tax

# of Uses - Endless

Amazon summer toy list
1. Water Guns

What better way to cool off during the summer than with a backyard water fight? One day, the kids will be playing Star Wars and the next it can be soldiers or even a simple game of kids against mommy.

Age range 3year +

Price $24.99 +tax

# of Uses - Endless however mine tend to last a year

Amazon summer toy list

3. Water Beads

This is the first summer that we are using water beads, the kids opened up the water beads this afternoon and have been playing with them all day long. Scooping, sorting, pouring, and even putting them in the trampoline. So far the Water Beads are a HUGE hit!

Age range 3year +

Price $10.99 +tax

# of Uses - Depending on how much you use at a time I am thinking 2-3 times

Amazon summer toy list

4. Gelli Baff

This product has 4 stars on Amazon which is what drew my attention. Have you ever had one of those days: the kids are fighting, or maybe it is 100+ degrees and everyone is a little cranky. A toy like this can make everyone's day magical. No prep for you, and something new for the kids!

Age range 3year +

Price $12.99 +tax

# of Uses - 2x put you can put in a water table and cover for additional days of use

Amazon summer toy list


This product has 4.5 stars with 1,000+ reviews on Amazon which always makes me pause. With California not fully opening till late summer, I picture my family packing a picnic, finding a nice park and having some bubble fun.

Age range 3year +

Price $14.95 +tax

# of Uses - 2x

There you have it, $78+ tax and hours of summer magic for the kids and the whole family.

Be Brave, Be Savvy and Be Awesome

XOXO - Sabline

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