6 Ways How To Prioritize Your Task List

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

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When every item on your task list feels like an urgent & important task, how do you prioritize?

Having a good daily planner helps keep you focused during the day, but we all have those days when our task list is longer than the days have hours. Every item feels like it needs to get done right now. In those moments, you can easily feel overwhelmed and it's hard to even know where to start.

Here are 6 ways to help you sort out your task list, figure out the important task, and prioritize the rest.


Start with The End in Mind

Close your eyes. I want you to imagine you have lived a very long, happy life. Everyone is there, your parents (I know what you’re thinking, this is make-believe, roll with it) spouse, children, friends, and co-workers. Someone walks up to make a speech in your honor. Who is the first person to speak, and what do they say about you? Then, a second and third person comes up. Who are they and how do they describe their time with you? I want you to write down your answers. This is the foundation for understanding what your top three priorities are.

My Example

This is who I envision would speak and what they would say:

  1. My Children – I was a loving, caring mother. I encouraged them to dream, taught them how to work hard, and be a part of a team as well as be kind leaders. No matter what, I gave them a safe place to always come home to.

  2. My Husband – I was a supportive and loving wife. I was strong, calm, and he could always count on me.

  3. Team Members – I was a kind leader. Not only was it fun and exciting to grow a widely successful business together, but I cared about each person individually and supported them on their growth path.

What Are Your Top Three Priorities:

From this exercise, you can come up with what your life priorities are.

My Example

I am a loving and supportive mother and empower my children with the courage and tools to have happy, fulfilling lives. I am in a loving relationship with my best friend. I grow many successful businesses and am a caring, compassionate leader.

This exercise will help you get crystal clear on your priorities.

When you understand how you want the world to see you, it allows you to help prioritize your daily tasks.

** Life happens - Laundry needs to be done, the house needs to be cleaned and maintained, the food needs to be bought and prepped. We need to make money; there are endless work emails and calls that need to be returned, deadlines, and projects that need to be completed. Chores are a part of life; the information below is to encourage you to start to make space for your priorities.


Align Priorities with Task List

We say that a person, a hobby, or a business is a priority to us, yet we don't put any time and effort into that priority. I don't care what the priority is. If you don't show up and put in time and effort, then your priority will do one of two things: 1) Maintain or 2) Disappear. That is true for all things, people included. That means no matter how crazy busy your task list is, you need to make time for your priorities. If you find that you can't make time, then you have to ask yourself, is this truly a priority for me?


Make Time for Priorities

We all have 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year. How are some people able to accomplish all these impressive goals? They make them a priority. Every day they get up and make a conscious effort to spend a little bit of time on their priorities. Start to treat time like you would to budget your money. If you spend ten minutes doing this one task, then you lose 10 minutes doing another task. When you move through the day you need to ask yourself, "How does this task align with my priorities and goals? Does this task add value to my life or others? Will this task make me or someone close to me happy?"