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Before You Say YES, Ask WHY?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

It doesn’t matter if you're a stay at home mom or work outside the house. Life is crazy, busy; we all have meals to prep, houses to clean, children to raise, and dreams to follow. Learning how to manage what others expect of us and what we expect ourselves can be a balancing act.

Too often we say yes to commitments that don't bring us happiness or fulfillment. We feel drained and don't understand why we don't have enough time for our dreams and loved ones. Having a clear understanding of your WHY will allow you to clear out the jobs, duties, and commitments that do not support your purpose—giving you more time on what matters most.

Asking WHY allows you to support purpose, values, and priorities

Tasks and commitments that distract you from what matters most in your life will leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed. Asking yourself these six questions will help you decide when adding one more thing to your already full plate is a "hell yes" or a "no thank you”.

6 questions to help you live your dream life.
  1. Does ______ support my life purpose?

  2. Does ______ align with my priorities?

  3. Does ______ bring me closer to my goals?

  4. Does ______ make me happy?

  5. Do I have time for this new activity without taking time away from something else?

We only have one life to live. You deserve to be spending your time with your loved ones, pursuing your dreams, and creating a life full of purpose. It starts with the small everyday obligations.

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