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Cheap Summer Activities for the Busy Mom

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Cheap Summer Activities for The Busy Mom

This post is a shout out to all my busy mama's out there trying to figure out how to keep the kids entertained all summer long!

I wanted to share the cheap summer activities I found at the 99 cent store.

I live in California and with Covid-19 we are not expecting to see our regular activities open till mid-August.

I want to make sure that the kids stayed stimulated and create good summer memories.


I walked in, and I realized I am not a Pinterest mom; I'm not crafty, nor do I have the desire to figure out how to become the crafty mom.

I have found with my children that if they are in front of the TV or an iPad for too long, they get mean, whiny, and start to fight. I structure their electronics when I need to do something like cooking dinner, working, or cleaning the house. With us staying home more this summer, I wanted to have activities ready to make this summer fun.

cheap summer activities

Five best summer toys from the 99 Cent Store

  1. 1. Simple toys – Coloring books, bubbles, bouncy balls, frisbees, squishy water balls, jump rope, hula hopes, or birdseed. I was looking for anything that allows them to use their imagination.

  2. 2. Crafts that have no purpose – Glue, glitter, stickers, paint, pasta, popsicle sticks, feathers, or paper. There is no need to be crafty, and I wanted to give the kids supplies that would excite their creative juices.

3. Kits – Slime kits, sticker books, painting sets, and more. At my 99 cent store, they have these amazing value boxes that are more than 99 cents but still a deal. I will store the kits in our closet, so when the kids are bored I can pull out an activity. The best part is everything I need is nicely packaged in the box! My oldest is nine years old; he practices his reading and direction following. Pre-made kits are what I call a win-win. Easy for mommy and educational!

4. Know your brands - I searched Amazon first and was able to see what was popular and had good reviews. When I walked into the 99 Cent Store, I knew what the going retail value and reviews were on the products that I found. You can search Amazon at your discount store too.

5. One-time toys – Water guns, pop guns, badminton set, and water toys. Let's face it; some of their products look like they will break if you look at it wrong. But for $1, who cares! If it keeps my kids entertained this summer, then desperate times call for drastic measures!

In the end, I was thrilled with what I found at the 99 cent store. I spent $39 and felt like I got a good bang for my buck. The kids were so excited about their new swag, and they didn't care that it came from the 99 Cent Store and not Amazon or target.

I hope that this help inspire you to try the 99 Cent Store. Next week, I am going to share the cheap summer activities that I found from Amazon on a $100 budget. Make sure to sign up for our Newsletter so you can find out what other fun summer memories I plan to create with my kids.

Stay Brave, Healthy and Cool!

Xoxo – Sabline

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