Debunking the Time Management Myth

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The myth that once you conquer your laundry and to-do list, you will have it all figured out. You will never be burning the midnight oil to make a work deadline, miss a PTA meeting, or have a chipped nail.

I would read blogs on time management and try to find the secret on how to get more done.

The authors would make it seem so easy, all the stress would be gone.

For years, I have been learning how to manage my personal life and company efficiently and effectively. I wanted the secret to be more and do more, all while looking perfectly calm and organized the whole while.

I don't care if you’re superwoman: juggling three kids talking at once, having a husband asking you questions all while you are texting work and cooking dinner will make your blood boil from time to time.

I was chasing this myth that time management = calm, put together, and never missing a beat. When I didn’t achieve that I felt like a failure.

Time management is an AMAZING tool, one that will clear a path in the chaos and allow you to take control of your task list. I use different time management tricks. I am proud of what I can accomplish and the tasks and duties that I can juggle.

In the next few upcoming blogs, I’m going to be going much more in-depth about time management so that you’ll have the tools you need to succeed.

Here is what I want for you, my friend, to know and remember on this journey:

  • · It's ok to still feel stressed. Keep trying, it gets easier.

  • It's ok if you forgot something, you are human. Remember, since you’re using your tools the important stuff has been taken care of.

  • Stay kind to yourself; you don't know what happens behind closed doors. The person that looks like they have it all together most likely may not.

There is hope for learning how to manage the chaos. In the next few weeks, you will get tips on how to do more, how to prioritize, and how to let go. If you want more information, come check out the Free Masterclass, workbook, and printables we offer.

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