FREE Printable With 70 Cheap Things to Do in The Summer

Its SUMMER! The kids are out of school and lazy days are ahead. BUT WAIT, this is not like a normal summer due to Covid-19. The question that is buzzing in every mother's head is, "How the heck do I keep the kids entertained this summer while still social distancing?"

Don't worry, I got you covered with 70 fun ways to keep your kids entertained this summer. My goal is to give you a list of FREE or low-cost summer activities that will keep your kids busy while staying healthy and safe.

cheap things to do in the summer


  1. Make a tie-dye shirt

  2. Make home-made play dough

  3. Finger paint

  4. Make recycled Crayons

  5. Make puppets and put on a show

  6. Paint motivational rocks and leave them in your neighborhood for others to find

  7. Learn origami

  8. Make a friendship bracelet and mail it to your BFF

  9. Make homemade slime

  10. Make a bird feeder

  11. Write a story or comic book with illustration

  12. Make handprint art

  13. Make a scrapbook

  14. Write a play

cheap things to do in the summer

In The Kitchen

  1. Make homemade ice cream

  2. Eat a watermelon

  3. Have breakfast for dinner

  4. Make homemade pizza

  5. Eat a LOT of popsicles

  6. Make popsicles

  7. Help cook dinner

  8. Make a rainbow snack

  9. Make fresh lemonade

  10. Make a pie

  11. Make root beer floats

cheap things to do in the summer

More Inside Fun

  1. Have a pj and movie day

  2. Family game night

  3. Make a blanket fort

  4. Have a pillow fight

  5. Put on a family talent show

  6. Write a to a pen pal

  7. Create a YouTube channel and videos

  8. Read _____ Books

  9. Do a science project

  10. Visit a Metropolitan Museum of Art website