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FREE Printable With 70 Cheap Things to Do in The Summer

Its SUMMER! The kids are out of school and lazy days are ahead. BUT WAIT, this is not like a normal summer due to Covid-19. The question that is buzzing in every mother's head is, "How the heck do I keep the kids entertained this summer while still social distancing?"

Don't worry, I got you covered with 70 fun ways to keep your kids entertained this summer. My goal is to give you a list of FREE or low-cost summer activities that will keep your kids busy while staying healthy and safe.

cheap things to do in the summer


  1. Make a tie-dye shirt

  2. Make home-made play dough

  3. Finger paint

  4. Make recycled Crayons

  5. Make puppets and put on a show

  6. Paint motivational rocks and leave them in your neighborhood for others to find

  7. Learn origami

  8. Make a friendship bracelet and mail it to your BFF

  9. Make homemade slime

  10. Make a bird feeder

  11. Write a story or comic book with illustration

  12. Make handprint art

  13. Make a scrapbook

  14. Write a play

cheap things to do in the summer

In The Kitchen

  1. Make homemade ice cream

  2. Eat a watermelon

  3. Have breakfast for dinner

  4. Make homemade pizza

  5. Eat a LOT of popsicles

  6. Make popsicles

  7. Help cook dinner

  8. Make a rainbow snack

  9. Make fresh lemonade

  10. Make a pie

  11. Make root beer floats

cheap things to do in the summer

More Inside Fun

  1. Have a pj and movie day

  2. Family game night

  3. Make a blanket fort

  4. Have a pillow fight

  5. Put on a family talent show

  6. Write a to a pen pal

  7. Create a YouTube channel and videos

  8. Read _____ Books

  9. Do a science project

  10. Visit a Metropolitan Museum of Art website

  11. Check out Natural Geographic Kids website

  12. Check out the live cam at the San Diego Zoo

  13. Take an art class on YouTube with Art For Kids Hub

cheap things to do in the summer

Outside The Home

  1. Go for a nature walk

  2. Have a picnic

  3. Play frisbee in the park

  4. Go for a hike

  5. Go on a scavenger hunt

  6. Fly a kite

  7. Go hiking

  8. Make a wish on a dandelion

  9. Ride your bike around the neighborhood

  10. Go fishing

  11. Climb a tree

  12. Go rock hunting

  13. Go berry picking

  14. Visit a National Park

  15. Visit a lake or beach

cheap things to do in the summer


  1. Run through the sprinklers

  2. Play Marco Polo

  3. Play flashlight tag

  4. Have a water balloon fight

  5. Stargaze

  6. Look at the clouds

  7. Blow bubbles

  8. Roast marshmallows

  9. Have a backyard campout

  10. Color the sidewalk with chalk

  11. Start a vegetable garden

  12. Build a treehouse

  13. Have a water gun fight

  14. Jump on a trampoline

  15. Play hide and seek

  16. Make mud pies

  17. Catch a lizard

What I love is these activities will help strengthen your children's natural curiosity and family bond. What I am finding is just because our summer looks different it is no less magical. Who knows, you may even find some new family traditions.

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