Happiness Growth Journals Are Here! 5 Reasons Why We Love These Journals

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You Deserve Happiness. Happiness is not about jumping from one blissful moment to the next. Research shows that happiness comes in the form of a child’s laugh, the start of a new day, or finding gratitude in your everyday moments.

Happiness is made up of genetics, your mental wellbeing, the state of the relationships around you, and even your achievements. Here at Relative Growth, we believe that you have the POWER to make tiny changes to create a huge impact in your life.

Therapy and Self-Development tools are great for self-discovery, personal growth, and finding your Happiness, but are not available for everyone. Everything that you need to become the person that you want to be is already within.

5 Reasons Why We Love These Journals

1. Journaling is Proven to Make you Happier Writing down your feelings can help your brain find clarity, process emotions, and start the healing power of overcoming emotional issues. This leads you to feel happier.

2. Easy to Use (as little as 60 seconds a day) Tiny changes make big impacts, which is why we love this journal. Set up in 4 sections, in order of benefits and amount of time needed allows you to fit journaling into your busy schedule without the guilt. Busy day? No problem. Focus on finding three things you are grateful for. Have a 15-minute coffee break and enjoy exploring your thoughts.

3. Guided Every Step of The Way When you are new to journaling or practicing gratitude it can be hard to get started which is why we love the 50 gratitude ideas and 25 journal prompts.

4. Mindfulness and Self-Care built In mindfulness and Happiness activities can be great tools to add to your healthy habit toolbox. Discover new activities and habits that have been proven to increase your happiness. The beauty is that you are in control to find what works for you!

5. Natural Beauty Studies have shown spending time in nature is proven to increase your happiness levels. But want if you don’t have access to national parks? Even looking at beautiful photos of nature can calm you down and increase your happiness.

The Happiness Growth Journal is a perfect companion on your personal growth journey.

Carefully crafted based on popular self-development and holistic therapy methods, The Happiness Growth Journal helps you discover the daily habits to live a more fulfilling life. This gives you the right tools to help you deal with tough times and the space to help you reflect and find the solutions that you are looking for.

The Dream

The Happiness Growth Journal was inspired by Relative Growth’s Founder, Sabline, and her personal Growth Journey. With 3 young kids, a growing company, and dwindling personal time, Sabline realized she needed a tool that would help her find clarity on what made her happy today, in this current stage of life, to find a balance between achieving goals, raising a family and personal wellbeing.

Your Guide

Each Happiness Growth Journal includes the following tools to help you on your happiness journey

· Inspiration Quotes

· Daily Gratitude Practice

· 25 Happiness Journal Prompts

· Daily Happiness Gauge

· Space for Reflection and Capturing Happy Moments

· Mindfulness Coloring Page

· Happiness Bingo Activity

· 91 Day’s Worth of Entries

· Beautiful Nature Photos Proven to Increase Your Happiness Levels