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How to Be a Happier Person

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

I believe 80% of our success is mindset. When we learn what is holding us back and do the work to heal our wounds, we live happier lives. Which means that you are in control of your own happiness.

I have spent the last three years of my life studying happiness from books, to TED talks and everything in between. I wanted to share with you some of the things that I have picked up along the way.

Today we're going to talk specifically about

I highly suggest reading it if you have not already done so. The point that I took away from The Happiness Project, is that each and every one of us is uniquely different, and yet the same. The keys of happiness apply to all of us, the trick is to discover if and how that happiness key brings you joy.

How to be a happier person

1. Let Go of What You Think Makes You Happy

What do you think should make you happy? Is it running 10 miles, reading Shakespeare, starting a vegetable garden, or prepping five-course meals? Have you tried to pull happiness from these activities, only left drained? If so, then let it go.

How to know when to let it go. If you tend to do an event and it leaves you drained, frustrated, or angry, let the belief that this will make you happy go. You're making yourself miserable trying to be someone you’re not. Guess what? You are perfect the way you are.

2. What Made You Happy as a Child?

One simple question, what was it that you did as a child that you would lose yourself in? It's amazing how a little statement can really have such a powerful impact. I was feeling overwhelmed and did not know where to start, nor did I have the time to test run a bunch of hobbies. This one question allowed me to remind myself what I would spend hours doing as a child, the hobbies I could completely lose myself in. What were your hobbies as a child?

3. Learn to Take Joy in Anticipating a Special Event

Mark your calendar, set reminders on your phone, put up a countdown. The event can be big or small, just as long as it is something you’re looking forward to. Just the reminder of an upcoming special event can bring small bursts of happiness during your day.

How to be a happier person

4. Buy a Little Happiness

This one was the hardest for me. I am a big saver so learning that it was okay to buy happiness was and is a huge step. The key is that you want to be selective on what you choose to buy happiness with. Is it something that brings you daily annoyance and you know that this new object will make your life easier? Is it a trip or event that is on your bucket list? What is one thing you have been wanting for months or years that you can really get today?

5. Savor the Experience

Have you ever noticed that you might be on a vacation and you're already planning the next one? I did that all the time. Or if you're at this event and thinking this is awesome, this is great. How can I make this happen more often? Learning how to be mindful and bringing yourself back to the present moment to enjoy where you're at is so important to help you increase your happiness.

How to be a happier person

6. Learning How to Dance it Out

Not a dancer? No problem. This is all about learning how to lighten up and be silly. Let those negative emotions move through you. This has been one of those fun things that I have done with my kids if the mood's a little cranky: last week we had a mini rave in our kitchen to Aqua’s Barbie Girl.

7. Laugh

Learning how to laugh at yourself, learning how to laugh at the moment, learning how to just laugh in general. Whatever it may be, even singing at the top of your lungs. Find what you need to do with your family or within yourself, just get a little silly.

8. Revisiting Those Happy Memories

We just talked about how to find what makes you happy, how to savor what's coming up, how to be present within the specific moment; well, taking photos or videos, even if it's just on your phone and going back and revisiting those, that helps so much to be able to bring back the joy in your life. My favorite thing right now is my iPhone will automatically create slideshows with music and photos. It's a really fun way to go back and revisit the happy memory.

This list is just a start for you to explore what helps you become happier. The best time to

start searching is now because when times get tough you will already be armed with activities and habits that help bring a smile to your day.

Dig Deeper

1.If you haven't read The Happiness Project, highly... Get it from your library. Listen to it on Audible. It's a really good book.

2. Start your own happiness journal

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