Overthinking? How To Change The Way You Think

5 Ways To Learn How To Stop Overthinking

Are you holding yourself back from accomplishing your dreams?

There is a fine line between R&D and overthinking. To quickly we can suck into overthinking and create our own excuses for why we can not achieve our dreams.

What's holding you back from living the life you dream of? What excuses are you telling the world why today is not the right day to: Write your book... Start working out... Start your new company? Here are 5 common excuses and tips on how to change your internal self-talk and get started!

Today I would like to debunk some common excuses.

Stop overthinking and overcome your fears

Here are 5 common excuses and tips on how to change your internal self-talk and get started!


Excuse: If I make a mistake, I am a failure.

Mistakes are proof that you are trying

A mistake is not something to fear, a mistake is an opportunity to learn from. A mistake means that you are pushing yourself to learn something new. Be proud that you dared to push yourself, learn what went wrong, adjust, and try again.

Tip - Remember the path to success is built on many small mistakes.


Excuse: I don't have enough time.

You make time for what is important to you

I have met moms working full time, raising babies and who still find time to pursue their passion. We all have 24 hours in a day: it’s how you choose to spend that time that’s important. Let's get honest with how much time you spend on tasks that do not bring you joy or bring you closer to your goals.

Tip - Review your schedule. Are you in control of your time or does time control you? Are the activities filling your day propelling you forward or holding you back? What task can be simplified, automated, or delegated?


Excuse: I am not smart enough.

Everything you need to know is on the internet.

"Alexa what’s the longest snake in the world?" any given dinner you will hear my kids asking Alexa random questions. Curious minds no longer have to wait until they go to the library to find answers. If you want to learn something new, I guarantee you that there is a blog post, YouTube video, or online course that will teach you.

Tip - Want to learn how to do a sit up, launch an Etsy shop, or start