How to Create a Morning Routine That Will Boost Your Happiness

Do you have a morning routine that leaves you feeling energized, centered, and ready to take on the day? If not, keep reading. We are going to talk about three steps to create a healthy and productive morning routine designed for YOU.

What do successful people have in common? They have created morning routines that allow them to be the best version of themselves. The goal is to create your own unique morning routine that makes you feel ready to conquer the day, here are a few examples.

Sample Morning Routines

Hilary Swank

· Workout

· Coffee

· Get ready

· Smoothie for breakfast

· Starts her day

Michelle Obama

· Workout

· Starts her day

Tim Ferries

· Makes his bed

· Meditates for 20 minutes

· Makes Titanium Tea

· Journals

· Breakfast

· Exercise for 20-90 minutes

Rachel Hollis

· Coffee

· Journal

· Workout

· Get kids ready for school

· Green smoothie

My Morning Routine

· Coffee

· Workout

· Journal

· Meditate

· Get kids ready for school

3 steps to create a healthy and productive morning

Step 1 Getting Up Earlier

Why it is important: Lowers your stress

Even getting up 5 minutes earlier to enjoy a few moments of silence can help start off your day calmly. If you find yourself constantly running late in the morning use this trick, get up that much earlier.

Picture what a morning feels like without rushing. Are you less stressed? Are you able to give extra cuddles? Enjoy a few minutes to yourself?

If you have young, kids get up before they do. You will be surprised how this small change can make your morning run smoother with fewer tantrums. This gives you a few minutes of much-needed YOU time. Even if you only have time to make coffee and take that first sip, you will find that those precious moments are bliss.

Getting up early is the foundation of a morning routine. Accomplishing this step will lower your stress level for the whole day.

Step 2 Get Moving

Why it is important: Increases your Energy

Moving your body first thing in the morning will help increase your energy, your focus and help you make healthier choices throughout the day.

There is no right way to move your body, you just need to get up and move. Below are some questions to help guide you in creating ideas to try:

· Do you want to work out alone or with a friend?

· Do you want to work out at home or at a gym?

· Do you want to do cardio or strength training?

· Do you want to use an app like Beachbody, Pelaton or join a studio-like Orangetheory?

I cannot stress this enough, finding what will excite you to get out of bed is so important. I love going to the gym, but not at 5 am, so it has been a challenge to find what motivates me. There are months when I am all about cycling, others when yoga in my pj’s is my jam. Why do I share this with you? Because when you are on your journey, I want you to come with curiosity and not judgment. You are looking for what gets you up and moving and it’s 100% okay to change that workout.

Step 3 Mindfulness

Why it is important: Increases your focus & cultivates calmness

Starting your morning by bringing awareness to your inner world allows you to reconnect with what is important to you. This will help increase your happiness and focus. We all practice mindfulness in our own ways. Below is a list that you can try and incorporate into a morning routine.

· Meditation

· Journal

· Pray

· Plan your day

· Yoga

Meditation is such an amazing practice. It helps strengthen your ability to stay present which allows you to enjoy the joyful moments that are around you, leading to living a happier life. If meditation is not your thing at this stage in life, there are still many other ways to practicing mindfulness.

Creating a routine that works for you and your schedule allows you to start your day off feeling relaxed and energized. Our days are filled with stress and distraction. When we start the morning by putting ourselves first we set the tone for the rest of the day, creating a feeling of happiness that lasts all day long.

What Next:

1. Create a plan of what you would like your morning routine to be.

a. What time do you want to get up (it’s ok to push up your wake-up time gradually)?

b. What would you like to try first in your morning routine?

c. Have fun and stay curious

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