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How To Create Your Word For 2020

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

What's your word for 2020

I'm so behind on all the trends it's a little comical (I just discovered snapchat people!). As I was researching for this blog, I realized that I might be at the forefront of a trend! Yes, this makes me smile. Ok, focus Sabline.

At the end of 2017, I had just finished reading the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and decided that I needed to make a change in my life. I decided that for 2018 I was going to focus on the word Happiness and what it meant for me and those around me.

I loved the experience so much that I wanted to do it again for 2019; my word was authenticity and I can share that this was an incredible year. I cried many tears (thank you to my friends for listening), layers have been shed, and for the first time in my life I know who I am and am proud of all my quirks, imperfections, and strengths.

2020 my word will be “Love.” I will practice Love for myself and those around me.

At this point you are asking: “Sabline, why do I need a word?”

How many times have you made a new year's resolution only to have it slip away a few weeks later? Your word becomes the theme of your year; it is an invitation to help you keep an open mind. Type your word into YouTube to see what comes up, read a blog on the topic, or maybe even a few books.

When it becomes a focus, whether conscious or unconscious, you will start to find answers that you are looking for.

How to decide on your word for the year

You may already have a word tugging at you. If so, then STOP. That's your word, write it down in a place you will see it every day!

For those of us who need more time (it took me a few months to land on Love) here are a few things to consider:

  • Look back on the last year. What emotion or feeling have you been lacking and wanting to feel more of?

  • Is there an area that you want to work on? (Weight loss may not be a word! But strength, health, or energy can be your word that includes that goal.)

  • Is there something you want more of in your life?

Here is a list of 25 words that can help get your creative juices flowing!

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