How to Finally Overcome Your Perfectionism

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

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How to finally overcome your perfectionism

Are you tired of constantly trying to be perfect?

Tired of the long days, tired of never being good enough, tired of worrying over every little detail. Tired of your friends and family telling you to let it go or even worse, saying you are not trying hard enough.

I know what it feels like to be tired; I am a recovering perfectionist. I share this with you so that you know that I have been where you are and have walked the tight rope to the other side.

I was so afraid of letting go of my perfectionist shield. I was afraid that it would make me lazy, effect my goals, and the amount I was able to accomplish.

In fact, learning to let go of my perfectionism did just the opposite. I had more energy and less down days because I gave myself permission to take care of myself. I was no longer held back by my fear of failure which allowed me to go after my goals sooner and achieve more. I got more done because I learned to trust myself and let go of validation.

My perfectionism was holding me down and when I let it go, I was able to achieve so much more.

How to finally overcome your perfectionism

6 Ways Your Perfectionism is Hurting You

You may feel that your perfectionism is allowing you to be better and more in control of your life. But it may be holding you back. Take a look at the questions below, do any of them sound true to you?

  1. Are you ever afraid to start a new project because you are afraid that you may make a mistake or not look like an expert?

  2. Are you a hard worker and highly productive, but often don’t take care of yourself when you are sick or need a break?

  3. Are you critical of yourself and others when things do not go exactly as you plan?

  4. Are you stressed out all the time, but will not ask or accept help from others?

  5. Do you look to get validation and acceptance from others because you don’t trust yourself?

  6. Is the fear of failure holding you back from going after your dreams? Or do you notice that you say, “I failed because xyz happened,” and you did not even try to overcome xyz?

Brave friend, did you answer yes to any of the questions above? Don’t fret, the amazing thing about life is that we have the ability to change, to take what we have learned and grow.

I often say that I kept the good traits of my perfectionism and let go of the bad! You can still be a hard worker, provide quality work, and think through problems before they arise. You will just let go of the stress and anxiety!

Doesn’t that sound blissful? Keep Reading!

Reduce your anxiety by learning how to go of your perfectionism

Perfectionism is all about control and control is all about minimizing fear and anxiety. Like a flower,