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How to Find Time for Self-Care This Winter

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

self care

Winter Self Care Challenge + Checklist

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This holiday season give yourself the gift of self-care. Are you asking yourself if you have time for self-care? Take the Quiz below to find out if you can benefit from a little you-time.

Self-Care Quiz

Give yourself 1 point for every yes:

  • Are you busy running around (or browsing online) for hours trying to find the perfect

self care

gift for everyone on your list?

  • Hosting a holiday event this year

  • Traveling during the holidays

  • Trying to stick to a holiday budget

  • Feel like you should be a contestant on Netflix’s Holiday Nailed it

  • Have to spend time with a family member this holiday that you may not “like”

  • Pulled off a Pinterest Perfect Christmas Decoration

  • Spending time away from family this holiday

  • You’re exhausted

If you got:

6-9 points: Then you 110% deserve to pamper yourself this winter.

3-5 points: Self-care is the key to a calm and happier holiday.

0-2 points: Go on, a little self-care is right for your soul.

It is common to push your own needs to the do list's bottom, saying that you don’t have the time or its frivols to take care of yourself, but in reality, if your tank is not full, how are you able to take care of others?

Self-Care is Not Selfish

self care

I will admit, learning how to give myself time to take care of ME did not come easy. I was “too busy” for self-care or that it was not “important” or my favorite. I felt selfish for taking care of myself.

These statements are a myth. Trust me, I stood by them for years, and for what? I was exhausted, grumpy, and missed out on so much joy because I was worn down. You cannot pour from an empty pitcher, and as mothers, we tend to be looked upon to fill up those around us.

Finding time for self-care can help you:

  • Have More Energy

  • Increase your happiness

  • Make you a Better Mother

So that’s a strong hell no, self-care is not selfish. It's one of the best gifts you can give yourself and others this holiday season.

Self-care does not need to take a lot of time.

Life is crazy between the meetings, ballet, and getting dinner on the table. Add in the extra stress of the holidays and it can feel daunting trying to carve out time for yourself.

If you are having a hard time finding time for you, pencil in 30 minutes once a week (I like #selfcaresunday while the baby is napping, and I let the big kids have some screen time).

Your goal is to find a few activities that fill you up and rejuvenate you. This will help you keep your cup full, and in times when you need some extra care, you already know what you need to give yourself some extra love.

See what happens if you were to commit to 30 days of self-care. Do you find that you are happier? Calmer? Does spending a few minutes a day refilling your cup make you more productive?

31 quick and easy ways to pamper yourself this winter

Call a friend

Stay Hydrated and drink at least 64 oz a day

Sit by a roaring fire

Give yourself a manicure

Decorate your space with twinkle lights

Donate food or toys to a local shelter

Give yourself a pedicure

Make soup

Watch a romantic Christmas movie

Dim the lights and use candles instead

Bake bread

Do an at-home facial

Splurge on some comfy slippers

Drink hot coco

Go for a walk (yes, even when it’s cold outside)

Read a book

Put away electronics for a whole day (ok, maybe just half a day)

Try an at-home body scrub

Send a Christmas card to someone you love

Bake a yummy treat from your childhood

Drive around the neighborhood and look at the Christmas lights

Watch an old Christmas movie

Donate food or blankets to an animal shelter

Buy something just for you

Listen to holiday music

Take a bath

Take a nap

Try a new workout

Write a list of things you are grateful for

Dance like no one is watching

Treat yourself to a holiday drink: coffee, tea, or cocktail

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