How To Help Your Child Thrive With Distance Learning

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

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distance learning

I want to help you not only survive but THRIVE during this school year! I reached out to teachers and homeschooling mamas to collect the best tips, tricks and secrets. 

Transitioning into distance learning has been tough. Parents and children are having to adapt and overcome challenges. I am a firm believer that we can still make this a great school year. If something is not working for you, adapt, think outside of the box and work on making it better!

The kids miss their friends, they have trouble focusing on a screen and it’s a fight to get them to finish their work on time. I know that you are smart, determined and can achieve anything! The beginning of the school year may have gotten off to a rocky start, but with these tips you will be able to find your flow. 

distance learning

LESSONS From 6 Experts 

Leslie K: She has a decade of experience (and counting) working with kids as a nanny and an early childhood educator. 

“Give the kids and parents a break from homeschooling and screen time. Learn something new, meet others and socialize online”

Meggen Loew: Homeschooling Mama of about 7 years. “My biggest advice for new to home schooling is homeschool doesn’t and shouldn’t look like public school. It doesn’t take as long by a long shot It’s not all sunshine and rainbows so give yourself grace to close the “text books” and spend quality time as a family”

Andrea Blue: helps students, parents, church leaders, and organizational leaders create a plan for success that changes lives forever! 

“Be patient and remember that your kids do not want to be stuck with you either. They miss their friends and you are not their friend. Give your child some grace”

Cindra Harris McCoy: Mother and business owner helping build kid’s confidence through art. 
“Find pockets of joy for your child. Incorporate creativity as a break from the core subjects.
For art 👉

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Stephanie Reissner: