How to Own Your Shit to Conquer Your Life

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

This article is meant to inspire, for some of you, it will be a hell yes moment. For others, I might be kicking you in the booty. Please know this is written with love, these words have been told to me at some of my low points and they picked me up wich is why I want to share this empowering message with you.

xo - Sabline

Confident Women

"It's not my fault"

How often have you said that statement in your life? If you tend to blame other people for something going wrong in your life, then you are literally handing over control of your life.

Taking control of your life. Owning the role that you play in a situation is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

You are 100% in control of your life

That means the good, the bad, and the ugly. Own your shit, people! Why? Because when you take responsibility, you take back control and have the ability to make changes. Instead of making excuses, you become a problem solver. If someone is treating you poorly or unfairly, how you react and what you do is up to you. Don't give someone else the power to treat you poorly.

Stop acting like the victim

Is it easy to own your shit? Hell no. It’s humbling to admit when you have done something wrong; to acknowledge that your actions lead to the path that you are on. It can be hard to apologize when you have done something that has hurt those around you. Own the role that your behavior leads to in a situation to give yourself back the power of your life. But this also allows you to celebrate the beautiful, amazing things that you have accomplished in your life as well!

Own your accomplishment

We get stuck in all of the ways that we have failed. When was the last

Confident Women

time you celebrated when you have done something, right? Own that shit too. Own how you have helped people, how much you have given of yourself, how you have made a life a little bit better.

It's not all your fault

Yes, you have to own your shit, but at the end of the day so do other people. Do not allow the weight of the world to fall on your shoulders. Own your responsibility in a situation. Look to be the best version of yourself but don't allow toxic people to try and tell you their problems are all your fault.

Finding the fine line between owning your shit and not absorbing others’ is hard work. It is setting healthy boundaries and sticking to them. It is listening to your heart and gut about what is right for you. Treating other people fairly and with compassion, but remember that you deserve to be treated the same way as well.

Confident Women

You deserve to be in control of your destiny, and it all starts with you. What role did you play? How could you do it better next time? If you find yourself blaming others, STOP. Look at the part you played, make adjustments. If the situation or circumstance does not change, you will have to learn that it's not your problem. Let the others learn how to own their own shit, but be compassionate as they figure it out.