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How to Start Living Your Dream Life

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Here is the secret, working on a goal is easy! It takes planning, persistence, and patience. So what is holding you back? For me, it was the fear of failing, not believing in myself, not having a clear vision of what I wanted and not being confident in my abilities. I was holding myself back.

How Self-Improvement Can Change Your Life

Learning how to build your confidence, define your priorities, and clarify your goals is the key to help you go after your goals and start living your dream life.

 How self-improvement can change your life

There are so many fantastic books and programs dedicated to self-improvement that will teach you how to set goals, change habits, and overcome obstacles, and I read them. I was looking for more guidance; I did not have thousands of dollars to pay for conferences or weeks to go away on a retreat.

I wanted step by step instructions with checklists. I wanted something simple. Quick. Effective. What I learned is there is no checklist or clear path. What I outlined is the path that worked for me, and you may find it useful for your journey.

 How self-improvement can change your life

Finding Your Joy & Self-Care: I went in search of happiness but learned that to succeed, you need joy. The difference between joy and happiness is a feeling that you get when you make peace with who you are. I had to learn what brings me happiness, how to simplify and streamline my life, and the habits that would allow me to thrive. Through this journey, I gained enough love for myself to have the courage to lean into who I truly wanted to be.

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 How self-improvement can change your life

Be True to You: Until I learned my joy and self-love, I could not be clear on who I was. I had to get clear on my dreams: what my core values were, plus a better understanding of how I wanted my life to look.

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 How self-improvement can change your life

Goals: I have loved planning and setting goals since I was little. We are going to talk about setting up S.M.A.R.T goals, motivational tactics, and how to handle it when we get derailed from our goals.

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What are you dreaming about? Is it staying home with your babies, starting your own company, or writing that book? Self-improvement will build your confidence, increase your focus and give you the tools you need to Stop Dreaming and Start Living. In the three blog posts below, I talk about how to awaken the woman within. Are you ready!?

-xo Sabline

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