How to Stop the Social Media Comparison Trap

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Hello Beautiful,

Have you ever spent hours looking at people's social media feed, scrolling past perfect photos on Pinterest and thinking, "what's wrong with me, my life is not that cool, organized or exciting!"

You are not alone, there have been countless times when I felt like the only one who was not living the "perfect life". I would look around on social media and wonder how everyone had it all figured out: romantic date nights with their hubbies, amazing family trips, or personal success that seemed to happen overnight.

But ladies, here is the thing that I soon came to realize: no one is immune to the comparison trap. We only see the story that people want to tell us, and more likely the person we are comparing our self to is comparing themselves right back against us as well.

Choose to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

I decided I wanted to STOP the comparing and jealousy (I would never admit that aloud). I wanted to be happy for my ladies when they had romantic date nights, lean in to hear about their travel adventures and celebrate their success with a joyful heart.

I read books on the subjects from Happiness to Mindfuln