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How to Use a Morning Routine to be More Productive

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I bet you are asking, “Why should I give up precious sleep to have a morning routine?”

Well, let me tell you….

Too often we roll out of bed at the last minute. The kids are up asking for breakfast, the dog needs to be let out and you are already running late. This is all before you have even had your first sip of coffee. Your day is already filled with stress and anxiety and it’s not even 7:30 am. No thank you!

7 Reasons Why You Need a Morning Routine

o Grounds you throughout the day

o Improves your focus

o Helps you take control of your schedules

o Allows you not to be groggy when the kids start asking 1,000 questions

o Gives you more energy

o Extra time to focus on what is important to you

o Reduces stress

The right morning routine is magical and will set you up for a productive day. The key to creating YOUR perfect morning routine is finding the right habits that fit in with your time and align with your values and priorities.

How To Create The Ultimate Morning Routine

Focus on creating a morning routine that balances your Mind, Body and Soul. Spending a little bit of time calming and strengthening each of those categories will help you be the best version of yourself during the day. It is important that you stay curious and flexible in the beginning. Play around with what feels right, what excites you, and makes you want to do it again.

25-morning routines that have been proven to help increase your energy, focus and productivity.

1. Make your bed right when you get out of bed

2. Drink 8 oz of water

3. Take a cold shower

4. Workout

5. Meditate

6. Practice gratitude

7. Journal (click to download your free morning journal printable)

8. Read Scriptures

9. Learn something new

10. Go for a hike out in nature

11. Read a book

12. Review your goals

13. Give yourself a facial

14. Eat a healthy breakfast

15. Take your vitamins

16. Do yoga / stretch

17. Listen to an inspirational TedTalk

18. Do something creative

19. Work on a passion project

20. Cuddle with someone you love

21. Send an email or call friends and family

22. Plan out your day

23. Play some music

24. Read poetry

25. Tidy up your space

3 Tips For a Better Morning Routine

Tip 1 | How to wake up right

· Take it slow, set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier until your body gets adjusted and then repeat

· Wake up at the same time everyday

Tip 2 | Understand your why

· Write down what your goal is for creating a morning routine

· How do you want to feel in the morning?

Tip 3 | Create a plan

· Write out what your ideal morning looks like

· Create a schedule: what time are you going to get up and how long with you spend on each activity

Sample Morning Routines

Improve Productivity

· 7:00 Wake up and make Your bed

· 7:10 Meditate for 10 min

· 7:20 Make coffee and review your day

· 7:40 Start breakfast

Increase Energy

· 7:00 Wake up and drink water with lemon

· 7:10 Practice gratitude (check out our morning journal printable)

· 7:30 Workout for 30 min

· 8:00 Take a shower

Mommy Time

· 6:00 Wake up, make bed and tidy up

· 6:15 Workout for 30 min

· 6:45 Make coffee and plan your day

· 7:00 Start breakfast

My Current Morning Routine

5:00 Wake up, drink lemon water (prepared the night before) and make coffee

5:15 Journal: gratitude, goals, brain dump (click to download your free morning printable)

5:45 Read

6:15 Workout and meditate

7:00 Passion project

7:30 Make kids breakfast and get ready

8:30 Kids start virtual learning

9:00 Work

The best morning routine is tailored to you. This is your morning routine. Have fun with it! Only do the activities that make you feel good throughout the day and the ones that make you excited to wake up early because you know that doing your morning routine feels better than sleeping in.

Having a good morning routine is one of the key foundations to success. This is true if you are a powerful CEO or a stay at home parent! The way you meet the morning will set the tone for your whole entire day. Go ahead give it a try, what are you waiting for?

Be Curious, Stay Brave & Always be True to Your Heart



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