Is Doing Absolutely Nothing The Only Solution When It Comes To Anxiety?

Updated: Nov 5, 2020


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Just Be…

Raise your hand if you are finding it harder to deal with everything going on? What can we do to calm our nerves and relieve some anxiety?

Some common techniques to help relieve Anxiety are:

· Avoid caffeine, nicotine,


and alcohol

· Get out into nature

· Get regular sleep

· Exercise regularly

· Practice yoga or meditation

· Drink teas with herbs that are known to help relax you

Digging Deeper:

· Get clear on what is causing you the anxiety

· Assessing the problem and from a scale of 1-10 of how serious it is

· Analyzing worst-case and best-case scenarios

· Creating and executing a plan to help overcome the problem

· Put your head down and focus one step at a time

You are not alone: Anxiety attacks, nightmare, and sleepless nights

What if these technics are not working? What else can you do?

This was the question I was asking myself earlier this month. For weeks I have been having nightmares.


Yes, you read that right, I’m a full-grown adult and am waking up every night from horrifying nightmares. The nightmares change every night, but the theme is always recuring. I need to save my children, my husband, my family, and my friends… But I never can. Everyone is always just out of my reach (Yes, I very much understand this is about the loss of control).

Soon after the nightmares started, the nightly panic attacks began. I laid awake at night, and when I finally fell asleep I would awake in a jolt of panic or ripped from a nightmare.

I suffered in silence for weeks. Why? Because I have trouble asking for help. I have a very


a brave friend who shared how she was suffering from nightmares too on Facebook and that got me thinking: I am not alone, and neither are you.

Finances, the economy, the election, keeping my family safe from covid, homeschooling, my children’s well-being, and the other “every day” normal life events that we go through.

As the months go on, all of the above has started to weigh on me in ways that I did not even grasp, until it started to leak out in my sleep.

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