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The 3 Best Decluttering Tips When You Don't Know How To Start

Welcome to our Organization and Decluttering Series!

We are gearing up for our free 14-day Organization and Decluttering Challenge starting April 26th. Join us! Make sure to click subscribe so that you don't miss out on useful tools and tips.

Last week we talked about 4 benefits that will make you want to declutter your home. Today I want to talk about how to get started. I have found for me the most common obstacles when it comes to organization and decluttering are:

  1. Not knowing where to start (feeling overwhelmed)

  2. Time

  3. Money

Let's take each one of these obstacles and start brainstorming to find solutions!

Feeling Overwhelmed & Not Knowing Where To Start

You know the feeling. When you walk into a room, look around, and feel so overwhelmed that all you can do is either walk out or put on the blinders. Maybe there are too many areas that need attention, and you just don't know where to start. The project just seems too big. So what do you do?

  • Small Steps – Starting is just taking the first step. If the whole room feels overwhelming, pick a corner to start with. If a closet feels like it's too big to tackle, pick a shelf instead. Take one zone in your house and break it down into mini zones. Focus on just that mini zone.

  • Prioritize – When a room has multiple areas that need focus, the best option is to prioritize where to start. For me, that means taking a look at what areas cause me the most anxiety and the areas of the house that I have to look at every day. I like to start with a mini zone that I can organize quickly. There is something satisfying about crossing mini zones off my list that gives me the momentum to tackle the more prominent zones. Check out this printable that will help you prioritize where to start!


Life with three kids and three companies is a balancing act. There is always a deadline to

complete, dinners to cook and cuddles to be given. Adding an organization project to the mix can feel overwhelming. The one thing that we have to remember is that a decluttered and well-organized home will give you time back. You will gain time back in your daily and weekly cleanups. You save time by not looking for lost objects in the future because everything will have a place.

  • Schedule – Find a time that works for your schedule. This will look different for everyone. Here are a few ideas to try. Remember, if the time does not work for you, try another plan. Don't give up. Every time you work on decluttering you are getting closer to your goal, and that is the win to focus on.

1. 15 Minutes a Day

2. One Hour a Week

3. One Day a Month


I love Pinterest. I love getting an idea on how to organize my closets or pantries. I have also found that I get discouraged thinking of how much it would cost to make my pantry look picture perfect. Don't allow money to discourage you from organizing your life. Bellow, I will share my favorite budget-friendly organization tools from Amazon, along with my free hacks that I use.

Storage is Key - When it comes to organizing and decluttering storage containers and bins are a must-have. Items from similar categories can be stored together, creating a system that will make it easy for items to be put back. A storage container can be expensive. I have found good, affordable containers from Ikea, the Dollar Store, and Amazon.

  • Food Storage - Food containers keep your food fresher for longer. Plus, they look pretty. When my husband and I first started saving I really wanted to have matching containers but did not have extra money.

FREE HACK - I took the labels off of our used metal coffee cans and used them to store flour, sugar and other miscellaneous products. You can also use other food containers and jars to repurpose into storage for the pantry and throughout the house.

  • Drawer Storage - Ugh, nothing frustrates me more than opening up a drawer and not being able to find what I'm looking for. I dream of one day having every drawer in my house perfectly organized with storage containers.

FREE HACK - Use old, mismatched or lidless Tupperware.

  • Baskets - Cloth, wicker or plastic. I am not picky. A well-placed basket not only will help you organize your belongings but they can also add a touch of texture to your interior design.

FREE HACK - Don't throw away pretty or sturdy boxes. These can be used instead of baskets.

Labeling - Every item should have a home, and that home should have a name. Labeling options are endless: chalk pens, label makers are just a few ideas.

FREE HACK - Don't have a label maker? No problem! Make your label with pen and paper and use tape to secure it in place.

My hope is for you is to realize that organizing and decluttering can be fun and rewarding. That the pleasure you feel when you walk into your home will motivate you to want to organize more. When life gets crazy, you can create control and order by decluttering a closet or a junk drawer. The joy and peace that you can create from decluttering are empowering.

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