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The Easy Way to Find a Mentor

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Hello Beautiful,

Have you ever had days that you felt lost, uninspired, or confused on a topic? You are not alone! The answers that you are looking for are out there.

My library is filled with books that have changed the course of my life, authors whose voices have shaped my personal life. These authors (my personal mentors) have guided me, especially early in my own development journey.

My Personal Mentors…

Brene Brown gave me the courage to find my voice, be authentic to myself, and to live my life full of love.

Mel Robins reminds me to stop making excuses and to get up and start taking action. That my babies are only small once. That I can be an amazing mother and a successful businesswoman.

Dr. Laura Markhams’ voice is often in my head as I deal with tantrums, introducing new siblings to our family or helping my boys work out an argument.

Finding the time…

I hear you, you are beyond busy, and having someone suggest doing one more thing can feel overwhelming. But here's the thing, finding time to be around your personal mentors does not need to take too much time. Here are a few quick and easy ways to get inspired or listen to more books:


· Listen to an audio book (my favorite app is Audible)

· Podcast / YouTube


· Commuting (really makes sitting in traffic not so bad!)

· Walking the dog

· Working out

· Doing housework

· Watching the kids play

I encourage you to find your own personal mentors. It's hard not to be inspired, to get insight or overcome problems when you have your personal mentor sitting in your corner cheering you on. You owe it to yourself!

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