The Power of Love, Belonging, and Being Enough

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Do you wrestle with fear? Fear of failure, fear of not being liked, fear of not being enough? For some of us the struggle to fit in, to be loved, and accepted is more profound than others.

You are not alone. In some way, we all feel as if we are not enough. It's rooted in our survival DNA. Once you realize that the person sitting across from you is just as scared of not being liked or accepted, you may be able to look within and shower yourself with some much needed compassion.

I dedicated last year to embrace my authentic self. I focused on my purpose, values, and priorities.

“I learned to listen to my heart, my gut, and my most authentic self. “

I realized that I have one life to live, that I can’t focus on making others around me happy, or worrying if I said or did the right thing. I have to live my life according to my values and priorities. Without even realizing, the external buzz of whether others thought I was enough started to fade.

“When I went in search of myself, I found that belonging and being enough starts from with-in."

Are you tired of worrying about being good enough? Do you wonder what people are thinking about you? Do you try to prove that you are worthy of love and belonging? You must be physically and mentally exhausted.

“Only you can tell yourself that your enough”
  • Get Rid of the Toxic People in Your Life. No one has the right to speak down to you. If

someone makes you feel bad about yourself, makes you doubt your feelings, your accomplishments, and your dreams they are toxic to you. WALK AWAY. I know that this is easier said than done but know, my dear friend, that it is not ok to let people hurt you.

  • Be Authentically You. There was only one of you created. Embrace who you are. Inside every one of us lies a purpose. It is up to us to discover what that is. Examine why you are here on this earth, what your values are, and what your priorities are.

  • Dig Deep. Understanding who we are and what “truths” about ourselves we hold onto usually is deep-rooted. Talk with a trusted friend, a counselor or your spiritual guide. Reading and understanding why you do what you do to better understand yourself will help you heal.

It would be best if you were 100% honest with yourself. Be brave enough to admit that you have been wrong, and strong enough to step out of your comfort zone to make the changes needed to make you a secure and healthier person. Only you can do this work, no one else.

You deserve to be at peace with who you are. Maybe peace is the wrong word because we are human. We love, we analyze. We need to be connected to other people, and everyone has their own internal stories continually playing. So yes, bad days happen. You may still question what others are thinking, but at least now you can calm the demon voice that says you are not enough.

You are loved, you are enough, and you do belong. But until you believe that about yourself, no one will ever be able to love you enough and tell you that you are sufficient to make you feel like you belong.

Do this for you.