The Truth About How to Let Go of the Past

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Dear Past,

I am letting you go. I have learned from you and will take my lessons with me, but I will not allow you to hold me back. Thank you for protecting me, for teaching me and reminding me of all the wrongdoings I have experienced. You have done your job, but for me to move on I must let you go.

Yours Truly,


Letting go of the past is hard. My past reminds me of the mistakes I have made and protect me from future mistakes. It is essential to learn from our mistakes, to adjust, and then move on.

There is a difference between using your past as a steppingstone for growth or allowing it to hold you in fear and anxiety. When we talk about letting go of the past, we are talking about thoughts and "un"truths that are holding us back.

Tips for letting go of the past.