Why is Self-Love Important and How to Cultivate it

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

When you practice self-love, you are taking care of your needs and making yourself a priority so that you do not burnout. Self-love will show you how to fill up your own love tank, so that you can start every day knowing that you are enough; that whatever you can give today will be the best version of yourself.

“learn about cultivating self-care and self-love for you”

Self Love

How to practice self-love while taking care of others

In today’s society, we keep getting busier and busier. For many of us, that means juggling a long list of to-do’s at work and at home. Trying to be perfect in all areas of our lives is leading to burn out. Self-love is the first step to setting boundaries around our wellbeing.

“We need to learn how to take care of ourselves because we cannot pour from an empty cup”

During the day we're giving to our children, colleagues, spouses, and anyone else that we have in our lives. If we don’t take time refill ourselves, we will have nothing left to give and will suffer from burnout. What we’re talking about today are the tools to help you keep supporting those around you, without experiencing burnout.

I had a hard time justifying a self-love practice in the beginning. I know when I practice self-love I am a better mother, leader, spouse and friend. In the beginning, it was hard to justify spending time on myself, until I changed my mindset to, “OK when I take care of myself, I'm really helping those around me.” This was a simple but effective way for me to create value for a self-love practice.

self love

3 powerful ways to practice self-love

1. Listen to your body Is your body telling your that you’re about to burnout?

For some, you may find that you are living dangerously close to burnout. If left unchecked continuous burnout can lead to some serious illness. Learning your burnout cues will help you know when it is ok to dig deep or when you need to pull back and practice self-love.

Burnout signs

o Snapping at those around you

o Talking negatively about yourself and others

o Pushed the dig deep button multiplied times in a day

o Loss of interest in areas that normally bring you joy

Dig Deep- Your goal is to practice self-love on a regular basis so that you burnout less frequently.

2. What rejuvenates you?

There is no right answer. Your self-love routine is uniquely yours. I would like to encourage you to do a challenge for the month where every day you try something. Check out our 30-day self-love challenge. Your goal is to find out what makes you feel good and let go of the rest. When you are finding yourself running low you already know what you need to do to fill yourself back up.

Dig Deep – Don’t wait until you are already burned out to do this exercise, start it today!

Here are a few things that I do to rejuvenate myself:

Read, take a bubble bath, go for a hike with a girlfriend, crawl into bed,