How to Live by Your Personal Core Values

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Define Your Core Values to Live A  Passion Filled Life

Mama, I see you. I know the journey you are on because I was on the same one. I WANTED more confidence, to feel whole, and to live a life full of purpose and passion.

Define Your Core Values to Live A Passion Filled Life

The questions were: How? Where do I start? I didn't have time to disconnect from my life and go travel across the world to discover myself. I could barely go pee without my kiddos wanting to know what I was doing.

You Deserve to Discover Your Wonderfully Authentic Self

Your core values are your northern star. They will help guide you in creating your priorities and goals. When you have defined your Core Values, they will help guide you on your daily decisions. Having a clear view of what you believe in will build your confidence.

Personal Value Example

Personal Value Example

The beauty of core values is that they are 100% YOU. That means my core values may not be the same as anyone else's in the world. Your values are completely and authentically yours to own. With so many choices, it can feel overwhelming when you start to look at the list of examples. My favorite exercises in defining core values comes from Brene Brown in “Dare to Lead”. I highly recommend all of her books, but for today I will give you the cliff notes.

“It’s 100% ok to try different values until you find the ones that feel right.”

5 Easy Steps to Define Your Core Values

Step 1 | Download Brene Browns Core Value List and have a google search ready (in case you want to get a definition)

Step 2 | Highlight all the words that you feel like you identify with

Step 3 | Take out a piece of paper and narrow your list down to 10 words

Step 4 | Highlight the five words that mean the most to you

Step 5 | If you could only be defined by two words, which ones would those be? Circle those words

Tip- if you are having trouble narrowing down to 2 values, take your values out for a test run. Every week test out 1-2 new values, see how they align with your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Do you feel bold and confident with your values? Does your heart sing? Do you stand taller? If not, then try a new word. Your values should make you feel whole. Authentic.

How to Live By Your Personal Core Values

How to Live By Your Personal Core Values

Defining your core values is the first step, living your life by your personal core values is when the magic happens. Here are a few examples of how you can make sure you are living your life by your values

  • Write your core values and post them where you can see them every day: bathroom mirror, pretty printables, cell phone screen saver

  • When creating your weekly to-do list, start by writing your values at the top as a reminder

  • Create them in your vision board

  • Find an accountability partner and tell someone you trust that these are the values you hold to your heart

  • Put them as a reoccurring task on your phone as a daily reminder